Currently on the rise in Chicago's West Loop, 625 West Adams, designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz for White Oak Realty and CA Ventures, is set to deliver 432,000 square feet of office space spread across 20 storeys to the site of a longtime surface lot. Created as a spec development built without benefit of tenants, 625 West Adams represents a growing confidence in the local downtown real estate market. 

625 West Adams opposite Old St. Patrick's Church, image via White Oak Realty

Located in the heart of the West Loop between the Chicago River and the I-90 Expressway, 625 West Adams will place office workers within close proximity to downtown and equally accessible by transit and by car. Just two blocks from Union Station, many will be able to commute via transit, while those who prefer to drive will appreciate the 5-storey parking garage at the base of the tower.

625 West Adams, urban context view, image via White Oak Realty

While the garage will take up most of the ground-level space, the base of the tower will also be home to a sizeable retail space, which will help balance out the tower's street presence while simultaneously injecting some much needed urban vibrancy into the neighbourhood. Taking up the southeast corner of West Adams and South Desplanies, the new development will be surrounded by Old St. Patrick's Church, Heritage Green Park, and a recent condo building.

625 West Adams viewed from the church, with park (left) and condo (right), image via White Oak Realty

Slated for completion in 2018, 625 West Adams will be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. The daily influx of office workers into the area should help boost the profile of Chicago's up-and-coming West Loop, as part of the ongoing densification of downtown Chicago. 

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