Photographers are always on the hunt for the best shooting opportunities. And the urban playgrounds of the world's densest cities provide an ideal environment for spontaneous exploration. If they're adventurous enough, some photographers will even scale the tallest buildings in their city for a never-before-seen view of the streets and structures below. These urban escapades have become increasingly common around the world, earning the practice its own label: rooftopping.

Rooftoppers in Toronto, image by Flickr user Freaktography via Creative Commons

Much to the ire of local police services, rooftopping usually involves at least one unlawful act. Trespassing, mischief, and break and enter charges are often applied to photographers engaging in the practice, many of whom are pictured precariously dangling their legs over building parapets or performing risky parkour moves high above the ground. 

Climbing a crane in San Francisco, image by Flickr user .freeside. via Creative Commons

With the advent of multiple social media platforms, photographers now have a wide selection of creative outlets to showcase their talents. In recent years, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter have been inundated with vertigo-inducing images of photographers climbing unfinished stairwells and even cranes. The threat of arrest or serious injury has yet to deter the throngs of artists searching for stardom and a rush of excitement. The prospect of finding a unique nook in the city, where rare views can be admired and captured without boundaries, continues to pull droves of thrill-seekers to the top of the world's metropolises.

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