A new landmark is under construction in Chicago's Streeterville neighbourhood, and given who's involved and the state of progress thus far, it's a project that is showing some real promise. Related Midwest has given licence for esteemed architect Robert A.M. Stern to execute a neo-Art Deco design that features 70 storeys and a plethora of luxury residences.

A rendering of the stepback-defined crown, image via Related Midwest

Stretching over 800 feet into the already-tall Chicago skyline, One Bennett Park packs its 279 upscale apartments and 69 condominiums within a scale and exterior that fools the uninitiated into thinking the building has been there for decades. Our previous construction update in May captured the assembly of the first precast panels, and now, cladding is visible on all sides as the structure continues to climb. 

One Bennett Park nears structural completion, image by Forum contributor harryc

The skyscraping development also comes with a significant public realm component, a two-acre park from the office of landscape designer Michael Van Valkenburgh. Bennett Park experiments with topographical and botanical features to create a dynamic landscape that includes rolling hills, an accessible dog run, and an area focused on active play.

The precast concrete facade of One Bennett Park belies its infancy, image by Forum contributor harryc

Construction of the park is in its early stages, image by Forum contributor harryc

The project broke ground in February 2016 and is on track for completion in 2019. Additional images and information can be found in the Database file linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion or share your photos? Check out the associated Forum thread or leave a comment in the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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