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  1. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | West Don Lands: Block 20 | 162.61m | 45s | Dream | Henning Larsen

    docs updated on october 19 - pardon the huge dump... lots of detail!
  2. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 145 St George | 98.15m | 29s | Tenblock | a—A

    Just bumping as a reminder that the community meeting for this is tonight at 6
  3. DavidCapizzano

    Yonge-Dundas Square (Brown + Storey Architects)

    I don't like YDS but it's packed almost every night, event happening or not.
  4. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 2Fifteen | 67.05m | 20s | Preston | Diamond Schmitt

    I can't help but laugh a little because this is basically a new take on your classic mid century tower in the park building (it even floats on pilotis!) big units - broad, square built form with repeating floorplates, and solid materials. I for one, am all for the return to these kinds of...
  5. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Block 8 West Don Lands | 89.61m | 26s | Dream | COBE Architects

    Wow what a statement these make from the train - I'm really eager to get a look at the tower precast for these, especially those fluted / scalloped / convex panels on the two cobe buildings. Once block 20 starts this is going to be quite the cluster of density.
  6. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Agreed. In my perfect fantasy world Draper would be closed to traffic and turned into a pedestrian woonerf with restaurants and small shops occupying the older houses. Replace the street with brick pavers, install some catenary lighting and lots of plants.
  7. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 88 Queen | 163.05m | 51s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

    some new renders from
  8. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 3450 Dufferin Street | 103.4m | 29s | Fitzrovia | IBI Group

    These are the brick selections they're proposing as per the latest submission in October:
  9. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Waterworks Building Redevelopment | 47.55m | 13s | MOD Developments | Diamond Schmitt

    Park is looking really good! Bet the new plants are loving all the rain we've been getting.
  10. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Uovo Boutique Residences | 37.79m | 11s | The Sher Corporation | RAW Design

    This one has been super slow to start... hopefully the actual build moves a bit quicker. Quite fond of the scale / design.
  11. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    can someone clarify why the children require unobstructed access to sunlight? are they like cacti?
  12. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | The Dylan 2 Condominium | 94.35m | 28s | Chestnut Hill | Kirkor Architects

    They should just funnel all of the parks money from nearby projects and deck a section of the allen.
  13. DavidCapizzano

    20 King Street West (ground level renovations, WZMH Architects)