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  1. mcornett

    Toronto | Church and Wellesley | 102.25m | 30s | ONE Properties | Graziani + Corazza

    How is this different than what was already rejected at OLT? The problematic Church St. massing is basically the same, just somehow worse. I kinda hope the City rejects this... again.
  2. mcornett

    Eastern Avenue Bridge/DVP Interchange

    Do you know much more about this project? Is it a full reconfiguration / reconstruction of the bridges and onramps? I haven't heard anything about it, though I live quite literally overhead.
  3. mcornett

    Toronto | EQ Bank Tower | 105.18m | 23s | First Gulf | Sweeny &Co

    They’re working on a Saturday. Looking sharp.
  4. mcornett

    Toronto | Eight Cumberland | 170m | 51s | Great Gulf | a—A

    Oh, we've been at "dud" for a while. This one is nowhere near as bad as Home on Power.
  5. mcornett

    Toronto | 65 King Street East | 82.9m | 18s | Carttera | WZMH

    Good news. Looks like it was painted a tasteful off white. Like a very light brick colour.
  6. mcornett

    Toronto | 57 Brock | 24.69m | 7s | Block | RAW Design

    While I'm never a huge fan of grey, the building looks almost exactly like the render, down to the window formats. I think it will look a bit better once the balcony glass is installed. Overall, decent job for a small development IMHO.
  7. mcornett

    Toronto | St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    From what I understand, these courtrooms are primarily for parking / HTA / provincial offences. These are generally not maximum security courtrooms. Criminal charges will continue to be heard at Old City Hall and other locations until the new court behind City Hall is completed.
  8. mcornett

    Toronto | Tretti Condos | 45.11m | 13s | Collecdev | gh3

    I don't get the love. There are a few interesting things about the build, but to me the black is monotonous and overbearing. It looks like an industrial complex.
  9. mcornett

    Toronto | EQ Bank Tower | 105.18m | 23s | First Gulf | Sweeny &Co

    This one took so long to get out of the ground. By contrast now, they are absolutely flying -- about a floor every 1.5 weeks.
  10. mcornett

    Toronto | 65 King Street East | 82.9m | 18s | Carttera | WZMH

    No joke, more than half of retail space on King Street East between Yonge and River is vacant. It looks terrible and provides no services to the neighbourood. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of landlords are “waiting for the right tenant” (a.k.a. charging too much rent for small business). While...
  11. mcornett

    Toronto | Bauhaus Condos | 110.9m | 32s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

    Shoring has started on this one. From a few days ago