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    Toronto | The James at Scrivener Square | 85.34m | 21s | Tricon | COBE Architects

    So this is once again an active file all concerned. So says a buddy who owns in this building. Thornwood Residents are rallying for changes to the proposal, and upset that their suggestions as channeled via official fora in the past, have not made it into any redesign.
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    Bianca Condos (Tridel) - Real Estate -

    This is a project to watch. It really signals the "new Dupont", as Tridel has suggested. Great architecture...but agree that it does not "hit the ground" too well on the Dupont facade. Got some information from a seasoned "midtown" Toronto Agent on this project. Yes, they did initial...
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    Library District Condominiums + Toronto's 99th Library | ?m | 29s | Context Development | KPMB COMPLETE

    Intersection opening? Any idea when this intersection will open up to Bathurst? Thought it was supposed to happen in the spring...
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    Toronto | U Condominiums | 183.79m | 56s | Pemberton | a—A

    This project launched just around the Financial meltdown in 08. My understanding is that sales slowed right down for a while. They then redid some of the plans and basically created a series of studios that the branded the Urban Design series. Obviously they sold the first tower to an...
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    Toronto | X2 Condominiums | 160.93m | 49s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    VERY interesting that the street is split that way. Hopefully as the street fills in the residents will agree to belong to one or the other in the interest of a unified neighborhood.
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    Toronto | X2 Condominiums | 160.93m | 49s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    Just picking up on the comments on the quality of the street. Agreed... Charles St will soon be an amazing residential strip. One half of the bookend being the X twins....A great concentration of residents to form a good RA actually. The street itself is in a deplorable state...hoping when...
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    Toronto | U Condominiums | 183.79m | 56s | Pemberton | a—A

    Started tracking this one in 08, I think...agreed ...its taking far too long. Back then I thought the prices seemed absurd. Just deleted the price list I got from years ago, and the prices were looking pretty reasonable to me ...mind you its five years later.
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    Windows on the Green - 3170 Erin Mills Pkwy (Vandyk Group) COMPLETE

    This is an excellent infill project. Misssissauga needs more of these. What's so good about it? 1) The building is massed to address the street, could set new precedent for Erin Mills Parkway. 2) The scale is approprate for this part of Missy. 3) Good density, all things considered...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    I can attest to this ....a unit in m5v, junior one bedroom under 500 sq feet, no parking rented for 1750 this past summer. I found this quite high and precedent setting as for the longest time 1600 was considered the going rental for a one plus den with parking.
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    10 York St (Condos @ 120 Harbour, Tridel) - Real Estate -

    Prices seem so high for this area...agreed that plans are not all that great. Library district at the edge of cityplace and fort york neighborhood, plugs into that lower bathurst area, and is a great value for people looking to buy for living....
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    Toronto | Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | IBI Group

    This tower is more sybolic than we all realize. Cityplace ushered in the condo boom, and its tower will signify the end of that boom. Not a doomsday scenario, or a "baby we got a bubble" prediction at all, but just the natural levelling off which has already started. But more than that, it...
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    Library District Condominiums + Toronto's 99th Library | ?m | 29s | Context Development | KPMB COMPLETE

    I have not seen anything new on the park design, or the library design in fact. But the building is progressing at an impressive rate, and I understand that purchasers on the lower floors have already been notified to select final finishes.
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    Library District Condominiums + Toronto's 99th Library | ?m | 29s | Context Development | KPMB COMPLETE

    Great updates, guys! Any word on their possible height increase? Something is apparently in approval stages with the city.....
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    Toronto | 133 Hazelton | 35.96m | 9s | Mizrahi Developments | P + S / IBI

    I understand that there is a Phase 2 in the making.....
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    Toronto | M5V Condominiums | 118.87m | 35s | Lifetime | Core Architects

    The gates are an unexpected design flourish, and refer to gates/ wrought iron work that often were part of traditional Toronto buildings built before modernism took root. (Take a walk just around the corner, you will see examples) They are at once traditionally detailed, yet also finished with...