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  1. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    I think it depends on the outcome of the election AND what the cost would be to stop work on it. Judging by schedule 27, it wouldn't be cheap to cancel or stop work on.
  2. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | King Edward Park Supportive Housing | ?m | 4s | Homeward Trust

    That is going to be depressing in the winter. Edit: I guess one side was always going to be dark. Wonder if the backside retains the lighter colour from the other render?
  3. westcoastjos

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    I figured he meant Racketeering so to speak.
  4. westcoastjos

    Municipal Elections 2021

    Canadian media definitely tends to lean with ownership - these charts show it historically. Source. While there may be some additional coverage from each of these outlets, they would definitely lean one way or the other.
  5. westcoastjos

    Municipal Elections 2021

    As TAS stated, they used to have different ownership. Regardless of the change there, my general point remains the same - there was a graphic that showed media outlet political support since the 70s across Canada during federal elections and it largely hadn't changed in decades save a few...
  6. westcoastjos

    Edmonton Companies News & Discussion

    This was played up ten or so years ago when they were increasing the capacity of the PR port. The strategic reason at the time was that the Port of Vancouver would eventually be at capacity. Would be exciting if this resulted in more business in PR.
  7. westcoastjos

    Municipal Elections 2021

    All media outlets in Canada (except CBC), including the Journal, are owned by companies that lean one way or the other on the political spectrum. It is why the Journal tends to lean center left and the Sun to the right. Unfortunately, it is no surprise they selectively report on political...
  8. westcoastjos


    They will probably be replaced by a bunch of TVs that show a bunch of pictures. 😁
  9. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    "Given the small profit margin of many construction contracts, a significant number of contractors may not be able to withstand the financial impact of COVID-19. Contractors are experiencing increased costs for a variety of reasons. For example, there is a need for more thorough and frequent...
  10. westcoastjos

    Oliver Crossing | 21m | 7s | Eagle Builders | Gardner Architecture Inc.

    Think it is City Land - 10360 - 111 Street NW. Listed here: / There was a...
  11. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Did you read what I posted? It wasn't an excuse, but valid explanations that explain your statement of 75% to 95% completion of small projects. What isn't there to buy? If a bunch of people get COVID, it impacts multiple aspects of any given piece of work and it gets pushed further along in the...
  12. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | Valley Line LRT | ?m | ?s | City of Edmonton

    Why? COVID is still very much an issue that many employers are having to juggle. When employees get COVID, they stay in isolation for 10 years (days). If it is a key person on the project, you can't just borrow from elsewhere to plug the hole. You wait for them to return and then continue the...
  13. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | Metro 78 | 23m | 6s | Pinto Properties | Frank Hilbich

    Living in a democratic society doesn't mean you have equal say on everything. We all have the ability to vote for individuals that will govern at the municipal, provincial, or national level. Public servants also provide their best evidence based advice to elected officials who then make...
  14. westcoastjos

    Edmonton | The Louvre at Century Park | ?m | 6s | ProCura Real Estate | DIALOG

    Yeah, that was kind of the point with the other parking that was closed previously. People will be drawn to park here, especially since it is underground parking.
  15. westcoastjos

    Municipal Elections 2021