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  1. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | Park Central | 134m | 40s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Judging by the drilling unit on site at Nude, I’m putting my money on it being the next one to go ;)
  2. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | NUDE | 63m | 18s | Battistella | S2 Architecture

    With that drilling rig on-site I’d say it’s a go 😎
  3. Alex_YYC

    General Construction Updates

    There’s a construction project underway near the SE corner of 75th Ave and Elbow Drive right in behind the strip mall. Nothing shows in DMAP, does anybody know what’s being built?
  4. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | 19+2 | 16m | 5s | FAAS Architecture

    Topped off.
  5. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | Catalyst | 22.86m | 6s | Centron | NORR

    Still only one level above the main floor, but there were people on site working.
  6. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | The Dorian | 98m | 27s | PBA Land Development | Gibbs Gage

    The more I see this tower, the more I like it.
  7. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | Esquire | 13.41m | 4s | Truman Development | S2 Architecture

    It has that inorganic feel for sure, but they’ve done a decent job mixing things up. Once the neighborhood ages it’ll be a nice pocket of urbanity especially next to the U.
  8. Alex_YYC

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    This isn’t under construction, but I wonder what people’s thoughts are in these types of developments, with the garage at the base?
  9. Alex_YYC

    General Construction Updates

    Edmonton Trail small retail project.