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  1. Alex_YYC

    Studio Bell admission free for remainder of 2021
  2. Alex_YYC

    Calgary's Downtown Dilemma

    There has been discussion in various threads about this, but I don't think we have a dedicated thread for it. The dilemma as mentioned in the article below is in regards to all the empty office space, but IMO there is a few different issues, and the empty office space is one of them. The other...
  3. Alex_YYC

    Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Thread

    Discussion relating to Calgary's TOD's. The topic has been discussed in bit and pieces in other threads. Thought it was time for it to have its own thread. The city has information on its website, but list active projects as 'none'. It feels like the TODs are building themselves while the city...
  4. Alex_YYC

    Who are you?

    I am a relatively new member myself, and I have noticed a few other new members since I joined. I'm curious to know a little more about my fellow members. So, a little bit about myself. I live and work in the inner city and have always spent a lot of my time around inner-city areas. Total...