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  1. innsertnamehere

    310 Frances Ave (Stoney Creek, New Horizon, 48 + 54 + 59s, KNMYH)

    One last one today - the craziest one in Hamilton, possibly the craziest development in the province. Stoney Creek back in the 1970's apparently zoned this site with no height or density restrictions, thinking that a developer would build an apartment block similar to the 14 storey buildings to...
  2. innsertnamehere

    Hamilton Waterfront Redevelopment (Hamilton, Various, up to 46s, KPMB)

    Hamilton is currently in the process of a sort of mini-Bayfront waterfront redevelopment as well. The project involves a new waterfront promenade along the former Pier 8 of the harbour, several new development blocks, as well as a new boardwalk and smaller scale retail and hotel buildings...
  3. innsertnamehere

    851 Lawrence Rd (Hamilton, ?, 16s, ?)

    a real looker of an apartment building in the east end of the city proposed:
  4. innsertnamehere

    101 Hunter St E (Hamilton, Coletara, 27s, ?)

    New 27 storey building directly beside Hamilton GO station downtown. Coletara currently has one condo downtown under construction and another in sales close to Hess Village, so this seems likely to be built. This really shows how low the Hamilton height limit is - you can see how much taller...
  5. innsertnamehere

    399 Greenhill Ave (Hamilton, Medallion, 9-20s, IBI Group)

    preliminary concept for the redevelopment of the Mount Albion plaza in suburban Hamilton. This is a very quiet, isolated part of the city right now, so it's an interesting spot for so much intensification.
  6. innsertnamehere

    16 Cannon St E (Hamilton, Birch Tree Developments, 16s, ?)

    New 16 storey apartment building off of James North downtown:
  7. innsertnamehere

    Mountain Secondary Redevelopment (Hamilton, Kiwanis, 8s, ?)

    affordable housing development of a former school site on the mountain. typically suburban site plan:
  8. innsertnamehere

    50 King St E (Hamilton, Effort Trust, 5s, Esposto Architects)

    new 5-storey office block on Gore Park in downtown Hamilton. This is the first new construction office building in Hamilton in a generation, even at it's modest size. Will be the new HQ for Effort Trust, a major commercial and residential landlord. The building is currently approaching...
  9. innsertnamehere

    11 Robert St (Hamilton, Yoke, 6s, ?)

    new 6 storey apartment block off of James North, the "hippest" street in Hamilton, which has completely transformed over the last 5 years or so.
  10. innsertnamehere

    870 Scenic Dr (Hamilton, Valery, 4-12s, KNYMH)

    New redevelopment on the edge of the escarpment above downtown. Pretty terrible.
  11. innsertnamehere

    1540 Upper Wentworth (Hamilton, Kiwanis, 8s, SRM)

    New affordable housing up on the mountain. 1540 Upper Wentworth, Kiwanis Non-Profit Homes. Renderings source and more information here
  12. innsertnamehere

    FirstOntario Centre Renovations (Hamilton, Hamilton Urban Precinct Entertainment Group, ?s, ?)

    This is a major deal in Hamilton. The City is getting a private consortium to renovate and take over the aging FirstOntario Centre (Copps Coliseum), as well as more minor renovations at the Hamilton Convention Centre, art gallery, and Concert Hall, in exchange for three development sites the...
  13. innsertnamehere

    117 Jackson St E (Hamilton, ?, 38 + 42s, G+C)

    A developer is aiming to blow through the Hamilton height limit here, right beside the current tallest building in the city. This one is very preliminary:
  14. innsertnamehere

    Jamesville Redevelopment (Hamilton, ?, up to 8s, ?)

    This is a proposed redevelopment of some existing public housing units right next to West Harbour GO station on the north end of the city. The existing housing units are currently vacant and the site looks like a set from the Wire. The first phase of the project will be a new affordable housing...
  15. innsertnamehere

    55 Queenston Rd (Hamilton, CityHousing, 6s, ?)

    Cityhousing building at Queenston Circle along the LRT. 6 storeys. Phase 2 looks like it would be taller. Features retail along Main St, behind a ridiculous 8.2 metre road widening(!!!).
  16. innsertnamehere

    213 King St W (Hamilton, Vranich, 30s, ?)

    30 storeys, 95m, 110 hotel rooms and 242 apartment units. Only 8 parking spots on site with the remainder to be provided in the above ground parking garage next door in The Marquee. Looks like 95m tall to parapet. A wonderful 18m tower separation distance from the Marquee.
  17. innsertnamehere

    651 Queenston Rd (Hamilton, LJM, 12s, RAW)

    new 12 storey apartment building on Queenston Road and Nash in the east end of the city. This is currently a very suburban area and is directly adjacent to a future LRT stop. Sales launch soon:
  18. innsertnamehere

    62-64 King St E (Hamilton, ?, 5s, ?)

    5 storey heritage restoration and addition on the south side of Gore Park. Currently under construction:
  19. innsertnamehere

    18-30 King St E (Hamilton, ?, 5s, DPAI)

    heritage restoration and two storey addition to several existing heritage buildings on the south side of Gore Park. This has been swirling around with different proposals for years, so who knows if this will happen. It will turn a currently vacant lot into a neat little laneway type space:
  20. innsertnamehere

    165 James St S (Hamilton, Core Urban, 6 + 8s, Lintack)

    This is by the same developer as 14-18 Augusta, (already has a thread on SRC), which is currently topped out, and is the second building in the second rendering. The developer has been doing some absolutely excellent heritage restorations around Hamilton for about a decade now, and is getting...