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    4884-4896 Dundas Street West (?s)

    From the lobbyist registry, we see these lands are in play. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32421 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied Redevelopment of 4884-4896 Dundas St W Aerial Pic: Streetview: Also included is this building at the eastern...
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    11-15 Kodiak Crescent (?, ?s, ?)

    From the lobbyist registry, it would seem that the existing owners are looking to get an employment use conversion on this property. This site is on Allen Road, just north of Sheppard west, 2-3 blocks from Sheppard West Stn. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32420 Site size is...
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    69 Yorkville Avenue (?, ?s, ?)

    According to the lobbyist registry, the owners of this site are exploring redevelopment options. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32402 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied Proposed development application at 69 Yorkville Ave. Its a bit of a tight...
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    Toronto | The Dylan 2 Condominium | 94.35m | 28s | Chestnut Hill | Kirkor Architects

    This new app in the AIC is for the south/west corner of Marlee and Glencairn It covers 543 Marlee, and 805, 807, 811 and 813 Glencairn. * does not list 819, but I believe this to be included, as its in the midst of this site) Aerial Pic: Link...
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    Toronto | 102 Berkeley | 70.05m | 19s | Lamb Development | A&Architects

    New App into the AIC for this. The location is immediately north of an existing proposal '49 Ontario' for which we have a thread. Aerial pic: Site size: ~ 10075M2/11,500ft2 Streeview: Taken from: youtube (cool house media iguide) Adjacent development thread...
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    Toronto | 2345 Yonge | 130.2m | 36s | RioCan | DIALOG

    New to the AIC is the above application. No docs yet, only a description. Description references 7s podium, not clear to me if this is inclusive or exclusive of tower heights. If podium is additional height, then 41s/43s Link...
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    Time to stop building skyscrapers?

    Saw this article from the Guardian posted over at SSP. There, its being trounced as 'click bait' but having read it, I tend to disagree. I don't think it fits neatly into any other thread, so I've given it its own...
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    2450-2500 Lawrence Avenue East (?s)

    This very large site would seem to be in play, according to the Lobbyist Registry. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32379 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied Development of 2450, 2470, 2480 & 2500 Lawrence Ave E., Toronto, ON Client/owner: Amdev...
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    1265 Wilson Avenue (?s)

    Rezoning App for this property is new to the AIC. No info yet. Link: Site is currently how to a low rise apartment building with surface parking. Aerial Pic: Site size: ~7000m2/0.7ha or 1.7 acres...
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    Toronto | 586 Eglinton East | ?m | 32s

    New App in the AIC for this one. Link: Aerial Pic: Street level image: taken from: Currently a medical office building. Proposal appears to replace the...
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    Toronto | 19 Toryork | 124.9m | 38s | Berkshire Axis | Giannone Petricone

    New App up in the AIC: This is the corner of Weston Rd and Toryork. Aerial pic of site: Site Size ~15000m2 or 1.5 hectares/3.75 acres Site as it is today (from the Planning Rationale Report: Proposed (From...
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    Toronto's Best Public Realm/Streetscapes

    Here at UT, we rightly excoriate the City of Toronto when it falls short in any number of areas; including public realm. But we certainly don't get it wrong all the time; and we should spend sometime highlighting when we do it well. I'm suggesting we focus on streetscapes/public squares here...
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    Toronto | Picasso Place | 23m | 6s | Marydel | SRN Architects Inc.

    Just setting up this thread, for an already under construction project, brought to my attention by @shawnzachariah over in the Cranes thread. For now, just a link to the developer's site: The address: 13042 Yonge Street, in Richmond Hill And this aerial...
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    2266 Lake Shore Blvd W (?, ?s, ?)

    Normally I wouldn't report on lobbying activity that seems related to a single family home (in isolation). However, notwithstanding the reported address, I don't believe that is the case here. From the Lobbyist Registry, we learn that IBI has been retained to lobby in relation to 2266 Lake...
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    50-64 Merton (Diamondcorp, 39s, ?)

    From The Lobbyist Registry, we glean: Diamond Corp is reaching for the Gold.............LOL..... They're lobbying to get 79 storeys here! Wait til a certain councillor gets wind of this! Hey @HousingNowTO might want to lobby to defer the Merton project; there's now a powerful lobby to...
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    Toronto | 1 Glen Watford | ?m | 33s

    New App in the AIC: 100% purpose-built rental! Identified above as 1 and 19 Glen Watford, but the aerial below shows why it must be 1-19 inclusive. This is the north side of Sheppard Avenue East, btw Midland and Brimley. Street Level Pic: Taken from...
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    Toronto | 21 Broadview | 39.97m | 12s | Streetcar | CEBRA architecture

    New App in the AIC. Covers a slew of properties, 21-53 Broadview, 18-40 Lewis and 344 Eastern. 12 stories, 340 residential units Application Link: Aerial Pic: Site Size: A massive 6900M2/ 74000ft2 Heritage...
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    1291-1305 Gerrard Street East ( ?s)

    The lobbyist registry indicates this is in play with an eye to an mixed market rental/affordable housing project. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32320 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied Redevelopment of properties located at 1291-1305 Gerrard...
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    179-185 King St E (Eastons, ?s, ?)

    According the Lobbyist Registry the above properties are in play. Easton's Group of Hotels Inc has retained a lobbyist for this site. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32291 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied 179-185 King Street East, Toronto...
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    296-300 King St E (Lamb Dev Corp, ?s, ?)

    According to the Lobbyist Registry, these properties along with 58-60 Berkeley have been assembled by Mr. Lamb and now lobbying ready. Details for Subject Matter Registration: SM32289 Decision(s) or issue(s) to be lobbied 296, 298-300 King Street East and 58-60...