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    Toronto Premium Outlets (Halton Hills)

    Opening date is August 1. Initial stores announced: Adidas Aeropostale Aldo American Eagle Outfitters Ardene Asics Banana Republic Factory Store Bellisima Bench Bose Broadway Fashions Brooks Brothers Factory Store...
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    Square One Retail Thread

    I would argue that Square One today is pretty good-looking on the inside (after the reno two years ago). On the outside it's quite brutal though.
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    Green Life Condos (383 Main Street East, Milton, Del Ridge Homes, 6s)

    Del Ridge Homes is building a new condo in Downtown Milton on Main Street, near Centre St. They are marketing it as Canada's Greenest Condos, with zero condo fees and zero carbon emissions. The building isn't impressive to look at, but it is making use of an awkward site that is set somewhat...
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    Toronto | Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Province of Ontario | Zeidler

    Revitalizing Ontario Place - Proposals As part of the tourism study that came out today, a number of proposals have been put forward for revitalizing Ontario Place, including some that they want to see happen immediately. The most interesting are opening year-round, and with no admission...
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    Columbia Sportswear to build 28,000 sq foot Flagship Store

    Columbia to open flagship in Toronto The fashion industry may be stuck in a deep freeze, but outerwear giant Columbia Sportswear Co. is still braving the headwinds of expanding into Canada, inking a deal to open its first location in this country in 2010. Columbia, one of the largest...
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    Mississauga: Bike 'Crossride' Intersections

    I noticed this interesting tidbit on the site: MTO Approves Bike Crossings Jim Bradley, Minister of Transportation, sent a letter of approval to Mayor Hazel McCallion and the City of Mississauga for the use of ride-through bike lanes, otherwise known as...
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    MCC: Confederation Parkway Bridge

    So the new bridge opened late last week. It's an important N-S link into the City Centre, and the city did a good job at including a lot of nice features. There are bike lanes (not signed yet, though), wide sidewalks separated by attractive barriers, sidewalk lighting, a 'gateway' feature, lots...
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    Second City on The Esplanade?

    Noticed a liquor licence application for The Second City at 98 The Esplanade (News Theatre) today. Anyone know if they are moving, or is this something else? I love the current space...would be a shame for them to move so soon.
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    Bagless grocery shopping? (Loblaws Milton)

    The new Loblaw Superstore (new name) in Milton, which opens in a few weeks, is the first store to be totally bagless. They won't have any plastic bags at the checkouts at all (not even to buy). Neat concept...fingers crossed it works.
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    Toronto | One Park Tower | ?m | 38s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    One Park Tower: Location: Confederation Pkwy & Princess of Wales Dr Developer: Daniels Architect: Kirkor Height: 121m (not confirmed) Floors: 38 Website: === I figured I would start a dedicated thread, since this is Mississauga's tallest building...
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    Mississauga: MCC Update, June 1

    Just a quick update of some City Centre projects: One Park Tower appears to be topped off: A shot from a different angle showing Universal rising in the background: Closer shot of Universal: Another view of One Park Tower: Solstice rising quickly now: From the ground...