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  1. Operater

    Sydney | The Ribbon | 90m | 24s | Grocon | Hassell

    Hi, This will B a Welcome Addition to the Cities Skyline when Completed. Lets See How it all Looks in a Years Time. Tnx, Operater.
  2. Operater

    Sydney | Cockle Bay Park | 183m | ?s | AMP | Henning Larsen

    Hi All, This Project Looks to B Quite Interesting in the Long Term. If All the Projects in Sydney were to Get Built, There would B Enough Work to Last Years etc, Tnx, Operater, Calgary.
  3. Operater

    Los Angeles | 1000-1034 South Hill Street | 232m | 60s | Onni Group | Chris Dikeakos

    Hi All. Lets See Now, 60 Floors and Up etc. Looks to B Quite Nice in the Long Term. Sure Would B Great to See a Project this Size go Up in My Home City. Tnx, Operater, Calgary.
  4. Operater

    Edmonton | 9412, 9418, 9424, and 9430 83 Street | ?m | 5s | Infinity Capital | Stantec

    Hi, Its to bad this Project is On Hold and the Chances of the Land being Flipped for Profit Makes a Bad Proposition Really. Don't know much about Regency but I take it, They are not Really a Good Company etc. Good Luck at Finding a Better Business to Deal With, Passing Thoughts. Perhaps You Can...
  5. Operater

    Calgary | PLATFORM | 21m | 6s | CMLC | Kasian

    Hi, I can understand the need for Parking.- City Hall etc. Still keep coming away with the Feeling that the Site could have Been put to Better Use. Perhaps "Air Rights" Over the L R T. ? Just an Honest Opinion. Tnx, Operater,
  6. Operater

    Calgary | West Village Towers | 150m | 41s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    Hi All, I Know the 1st/2nd Towers are On the Way Up etc. Questions? Are the Tops Going to B an All Glass Format of Sorts? It looks that Way in the Renderings but not all to Sure. Tnx, Operater.
  7. Operater

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    Hi, One Item I'm not sure off so Could B wrong on this. Are BOTH Towers Still going Up? Or is the 2nd Tower Years Down the Road? Hope Its Not Asking or Imposing. Thanks. Operater, Calgary.
  8. Operater

    Calgary | BLVD Beltline | 118.87m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Hi All, I Would still Like to see the 3rd Tower Built. Reasons? That there is STILL a Thing Called Economic Activity Happening in this City. All I See on the News is Negative. Has to at Least B Something Positive at Least. Tnx, Operater.
  9. Operater

    Calgary | Arris - 5th and Third | 142m | 41s | Embassy Bosa | Amanat Architect

    Hi. Guess Its Better thenthing Being Built at All. A Lot of these Projects start Off as One Thing and End Up totally Different. on Approval. Tnx, Operater.
  10. Operater

    Calgary | West Village Towers | 150m | 41s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    Hi All. The 2nd Tower has Already Started Construction. Not sure how Many Floors are Up Yet, What i am Hoping for is the Start of the 3rd Tower to Complete the Whole Project. Tnx, Operater,
  11. Operater

    Calgary | Stephen Avenue Place Revitalization | 155m | 40s | Slate

    Hi All, I Know Next to Nothing About this Project except for What I have read on this Site as Such. As I don;t get DT Much I am Dependent on this Site, It used to B Scotia Bank's Main Branch in Calgary. I Will Follow this Project as I hope it will Add to the Betterment of the Mail. Hope if Its a...
  12. Operater

    Calgary | Eau Claire West | 109m | 33s | QuadReal | NORR

    Hi All, This Project Will B Most Interesting if It ever gets off the Ground. Its 7 Bldgs if I am correct. In Counting it really looks l0 in Total. Long Term Project? Yes. Will add a lot to the Mix ot the Downtown Areas as such. Tnx, Operater,
  13. Operater

    Calgary | West Village Towers | 150m | 41s | Cidex Group | NORR Dubai Yahya Jan

    Hi All, I'll Go with all 3 Buildings.Why? Honestly Feel it will B a Plus for Downtown West End. It makes the Area a Bit More Vibrant and you don't get a Half Completed Project and the Dvlprs Up and Walking Away. Just how I feel about it Truthfully. Tnx, Operater.
  14. Operater

    Calgary | BLVD Beltline | 118.87m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Hi All, I Know there are Two Blgs on the Way Up - For Now, I w0uld like very much to see the Third One Go Up as Well to see the Project as a Whole get Completed. Hope the 3rd Tower gets started soon. Tnx, Operater, .
  15. Operater

    Calgary | Plaza 54 | 187m | 54s | Killam REIT | Gibbs Gage

    Hi All, If the Land is "For Sale" as Posted Earlier on the Topic. Will B Interested to see what Happens,. Projects seem to Come Fast and We at Times never Hear he so called "Rest of the Story" as they say..With the Economy in this Province in what - Long Term Depression as Such I have Serious...
  16. Operater

    Denver | The Confluence | 108m | 34s | PM | GDA Architects

    Hi, We have a Lot of Empty Space in Calgary's Downtown/Belt Line Areas just Ripe for Redevelopment Sure Could Use Some of These Projects in the Right Places - add to Our Cities Core/Belt Line Districts.Interesting Project Worth following Up on. Tnx, Operater, Calgary Canada.
  17. Operater

    Denver | 1144 Fifteenth | 188m | 40s | Hines | Pickard Chilton

    Hi, This Project Kind of Reminds Me of a Project in My Hom City of Calgary. It Would B Interesting to see how it All Turns Out.Tnx. Operater, Calgary, Canada.
  18. Operater

    Calgary | Eau Claire Market Redevelopment | 135.02m | 35s | Harvard Developments

    Hi, I've Seen this 2 Minute Video on this Site B 4 in the Past.Not sure what it is But the Music has an Appeal to Me. Some Music Videos Have an Appeal, Others Don't etc. I Always Come Back to it. Its Great that the Producers Behind these Videos have Creative Talents in Their Work. Tnx, Operater.
  19. Operater

    Calgary | Park Central | 134m | 40s | Hines | S.C.B.

    Hi, In Looking Over this Project, Are there Not to B TWO Bldgs all Total? One at 12/4 and the Other will B at 11/4? Read a While back that Two Bldgs Were going to get Built etc Tns, Operater.
  20. Operater

    Calgary | TELUS Sky | 222.19m | 60s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Hi, Haven't Yet Heard much so far. Am I Correct to Assume that the Office/Condo/Rental Sections Still a Few Years Away from being Occupied? Anyone else Heard Much - Yet? Tnx, Operater.