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    Centre St @ Gatineau (Thornhill, Metrontario, 35+25s, ?)

    Not quite. Based on the application it appears that this lot is owned by Metrontario Group.
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    170 Roehampton Ave (?, 40s, ?)

    Site is for sale. Development concept provided in second image below. Apparently the existing building is a co-op building?
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    10481 Yonge St (Richmond Hill, Nahid Group, 7 buildings, ?) Project is listed for sale. The uses were approved by the OMB back in 2016: This correspondence for another neighbouring development proposal also shows the development concept for the...
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    1062 & 1074 Cooke Blvd (Burlington) (Camarro Group, 30s & 32s, ?) 1062 & 1074 Cooke Blvd, Burlington Aldershot Site was for sale. There was a project rendering and development concept included:
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    137 Steeles Ave W (Brampton, Avalon Developments, 39s, ?)

    Another project in the Steeles area west of Hurontario in Brampton, near the Stella Southside community. Six blocks, currently in pre-application stage with the City. The pre-application offers two development concepts: Concept Plan A: Concept Plan B:
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    100 Eglinton Square (?, 40s, ?)

    Came across this sponsored content on the UrbanToronto front page and realized that there wasn't a thread dedicated to the site. With Eglinton Square surrounding this site being redeveloped, and the entire Golden...
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    Toronto | 750 Mt Pleasant | 116.98m | 35s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    Site was sold to Bazis. Based on the precedent being set by 717-733 Mt Pleasant across the street, I think you could probably expect over 30 storeys here. This plaza was never a good expression of urban form, but it has been a staple of the neighbourhood for many years. Will be quite the...
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    Victory Tower (Vaughan, Elite Developments, 36s, ?)

    The site is at 7034-7040 Islington Ave, just south of the SXSW development at Islington and Steeles West.
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    Duo Condos (Brampton, National/Brixen, 25s, IBI Group) " The vacant 2.49-acre property at 245 Steeles Ave. W., a few blocks west of Hurontario Street, was acquired from Sundial Homes in an off-market deal for an undisclosed price. Approvals were already in place to build two...
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    5041 Fairview (Burlington, Valour Group, 20s x 2, ?) Two 20-storey towers next to Appleby GO station in Burlington.
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    Appleby Oval Court (Burlington, Branthaven, mulitple bldgs 11 - 30s, ?) Looks like 8 buildings ranging 11 to 30 storeys to be completed over 8 phases next to Appleby GO in Burlington:
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    461 Sheppard Ave E redevelopment site (?, 22s, ?)

    The Esso and Circle K at the corner of Sheppard and Bayview was listed for sale on Cushman Wakefield's website. As per the broker brochure: Conceptual density and massing from brochure marketing material:
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    Twin Regency (Bradford West Gwillimbury, Triumphant Group, 6s,? )

    Project Website: I figured if threads in Barrie are alright, this one should probably be too. Plus not too often you get to see condos proposed in places like Bradford. This one is already well into its sales, photos below:
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    141 Erskine Ave (?, 13s, ?)

    Building was listed for sale recently: Avison Young Brochure - 141 Erskine - July 2020 Notably, two development intensification scenarios were studied: Kinda hope that whomever purchases it goes with Scenario II with the townhomes, as the existing building is a great example of...
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    First Vaughan Block (SmartCentres/TACC/Remington, 48+56s, Hariri Pontarini)

    Not much known about the site, it is in the pre-application stages with the city. However we learn from this recent report the following information: Three building site with two residential towers of 52 and 56-storeys, totaling 10,000 sqft of retail space, 925,000 sqft of residential space...
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    185 Doughton (Vaughan, MegaVista, 45s, ?)

    Not much known about the site, it is in the pre-application stages with the city. However we learn from this recent report the following information: This site contains 2 towers with 42 and 45-storey buildings, totaling 1,092 residential units and 840,931 of residential GFA. And that the site...
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    RioCan Colossus Centre: Highway 400 & 7 (Vaughan)

    Nothing official on the radar yet, but lots of development activity by SmartCentres occurring on the three other quadrants surrounding Highway 400 & Highway 7, and RioCan has been rather public about their intentions to shift towards residential mixed-used with their RioCan Living brand. What...
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    3130 Danforth (Crombie REIT, ?, ?)

    Speculative thread for now, but this site containing the Beer Store was referenced in Crombie REIT's Q2 Investors Report as part of their development pipeline within Toronto. Given the nearby apartment towers and proximity to Victoria Park station, I think this is one part of Danforth that...
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    Toronto | Wellings of Whitby | ?m | 15s | Triovest | Onespace

    Would you call this area Uptown Whitby? I'm not sure but there is development coming to this area. This is a development of part of the Taunton Gardens plaza. According to the architect, this site is a "Residential development for seniors, includes a gym, spa, craft room, patios and restaurant...
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    Station No. 3 (Whitby, Brookfield Residential, 6s, RAW Design)

    Brookfield Residential development in Whitby Downtown. Staff Report The applications as revised seek to permit the development of a 6 storey mixed use building, comprised of 160 residential units, and 911 m² (9,805 ft²) of commercial space on the ground floor (along Brock Street South and...