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    Fountain at Four Seasons

    I just wanted to put something out there for thoughts and advice. That beautiful fountain in the Four Seasons entrance (that can't be turned on because it soaks arriving guests when there is a breeze) should be given to installation in another part of the city where it can actually be turned on...
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    Just a quick question to anyone who might know. I used to thoroughly enjoy the observations and comments of Urban Shocker. Met him once at a get together of UT. Very nice and informative person. Does anyone know what happened to him? I really miss his posts.
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    UT's New Format

    Hi Hoping someone can offer some advice. With the new format of UT is too large for my computer screen, so I am forever scrolling across to read posts. I'm techno challenged...can anyone let me know how I can size the screen so I don't have to keep scrolling back and forth?
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    Chicken Channel

    I just heard that Swiss Chalet is launching a tv channel (sort of like the fireplace channel) that will just be chicken turning over a rotisserie....they are hoping to get folks hungry for their they need a channel to hook me lol
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    Hume gives Robert Watson Lofts A+

    Sorry guys....not computer savvy enough to figure out how to post the column from the Saturday Toronto Star. Hume had great things to say about Robert Watson Lofts and gave it an A+.
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    funnel cloud spotted from the Zoo

    I was at the zoo with my students on a class trip and as we were exiting I noticed this funnel cloud today during the the other grade one teacher to take a pic of it......quite dramatic