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  1. Solaris

    Toronto | Emerald City: The Park Club | 106.98m | 33s | ELAD Canada | WZMH

    Looks like the 6th tower is pre-launching ... The Park Club The Park Club will be 33 storeys, joining Fifth on the Park @ 24 storeys and Colours of Emerald City @ 13 storeys to complete this block ... MODs should the thread title be updated with this info?
  2. Solaris

    Toronto | Casa Emery Village | 154.84m | 55s | Medallion | IBI Group

    spoiler alert ... no this has nothing to do with Cresford's CASA series on Charles Street ;) This is a pretty significantly sized masterplan development containing by Medallion Properties containing almost 1,500 rental units in 9 or 10...
  3. Solaris

    Riverside @ Uptown Markham (Markham Ctr, Times Group, 28? or 18? + 8s, Kirkor)

    Marketing begins on Times Group's phase 3 in this project ... Riverside (aka Riverwalk West) ... being Block 4 in the masterplan Proposed Rooftop Infinity Pool is pretty neat Looks like similar massing but with...
  4. Solaris

    Toronto | Galleria On The Park | 143.86m | 42s | ELAD Canada | Hariri Pontarini

    Could this be the next Empress Walk style mixed use development? Looking forward to seeing the plans. *************************** Galleria Mall on Dupont sold to condo developer Posted by Amy Grief /...
  5. Solaris

    Toronto | Bayview at the Village | 37.5m | 10s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    After visiting the sales office for Vida condos next door yesterday I came across a 'development coming soon' sign on the easterly adjacent property by Haven Developments (@ SW corner of Sheppard & Greenbriar), a quick look on the company website reveals the following renderings: Location...
  6. Solaris

    Toronto | Selene at Metrogate | 96.31m | 31s | Tridel | Graziani + Corazza

    Tridel has submitted OPA and ZBA applications to convert the previously proposed office building (east of 35s Avani1, north of 30s Ventus2) into another residential tower within the Metrogate community, total unit count in the community increasing from the original 2,100 units, up to 2,237 from...
  7. Solaris

    153 16th Ave & 370 Red Maple Rd (Richmond Hill, Signature Communties, 18+16s, G+C)

    More density coming soon to Richmond Hill Centre ... located just north of Empire's The Vineyards condo complex (3x 14s) Location:
  8. Solaris

    Toronto | Central Park | 105.9m | 31s | Amexon | Core Architects

    A pretty significant project on Sheppard East n the works from the same developers that brought South Beach condos to Toronto, Amexon is looking to redevelop a portion of the complex which currently houses its corporate offices located at 1200-1220 Sheppard Avenue East, northeast of the...
  9. Solaris

    Toronto | Grand Palace Condominium | ?m | 15s | G Group | Hariri Pontarini

    The Yonge + 16th area is growing (literally) :) Coming soon ...
  10. Solaris

    4 Graydon Hall Dr (?, 12s, Joseph Barna)

    Development approved in February 2010 on a triangular shaped parcel at 4 graydon Hall Drive west of the Argento site which proposes a 12-storey, 56-unit project with 3 levels of underground parking. Staff report for the 4 Graydon Hall Drive project can be found here...
  11. Solaris

    Toronto | Argento Condos | 74m | 24s | Tridel | Rafael + Bigauskas

    New development coming soon to Don Mills and York Mills (possibly southeast quadrant?) ~ CHANGING THE FACE OF DON MILLS & YORK MILLS. Home is the ultimate luxury in life. It's where you can leave the world behind, be yourself and just "be". Nestled within...
  12. Solaris

    42 Park Lawn Rd (Prombank Group, 41s, ?)

    Like Times Group and Amexon, the applicant (a numbered company, not ONNI, represented by Bousfields Inc.) is also proposing a stand alone 2 storey retail building along the Park Lawn Road frontage. Designed by Northgrave Architects, the 42 Park Lawn site is located between the South Beach...
  13. Solaris

    Toronto | Love Condos | 67.66m | 22s | Gemterra | Turner Fleischer

    Coming soon to the south side of Bonis Avenue, east of the Agincourt Library, north of the Agincourt Mall. Designed by Page + Steele Architects. Google Map:,-79.292032&spn=0.003981,0.009602&z=17 Registration...
  14. Solaris

    York Harbour Club (Plazacorp) - Real Estate -

    Found some more info ~ View from Southeast Whereas this is the view from northwest Floor Plates below will give an idea how the 2 towers in this complex will configure, with the west tower being 15 storeys and the east tower being 17 storeys (ignore the numbering as it appears some...
  15. Solaris

    Avani and Avani2 at Metrogate Condos | 105m | 35s | Tridel | Graziani + Corazza COMPLETE

    Word is this 5th tower in the Metrogate community is being launched in August 2011 perhaps TWM can shed some light on this ? :)
  16. Solaris

    Toronto | Xpression Condos | ?m | 15s | Zancor Homes | Quadrangle

    Located northeast of 16th Avenue and Yonge Street, the proposal will replace one of the first Harveys in Toronto across from Hillcrest Mall ~ source:
  17. Solaris

    Toronto | The Diamond Condominiums on Yonge | 98m | 30s | Diamante Development | Scott Shields

    Congregation get new facility from land sale to Diamante Developments: "The St. George" condo project coming to the site about 19 hours ago via Tweet Button
  18. Solaris

    170 Merton Street (Cresford, 5s, Richard Wengle)

    Future condo site? Cresford Developments purchases 170 Merton Street, east of Yonge Street. about 16 hours ago via web source: I guess Cresford hasn't given up on this area following their experience with MYC condo ~ This site is located on the north...
  19. Solaris

    Fountains @ Thornhill City Centre, The (Liberty, 18 + 4 + 16s, Kirkor)

    Following Centre Park condos, Liberty is preparing the launch of the next and possibly final phase in their Thornhill City Centre project ... I'm quite certain Kirkor will too be the architects on this condominium as with all the other Liberty projects ~ while no renderings have been released...
  20. Solaris

    Toronto | Fontana | ?m | 16s | H&W | P + S / IBI

    Phases 2+3 of Liberty's EKO development has been sold to H&W Developments ... the new owner is working to modify Liberty's previous plans for these lands and will introduce a new north/south street along the western edge of the park block between Clegg Rd and Cedarland Drive Liberty's...