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    Legacy Art Project - Inspired by Terry Fox

    Couldn't find anything in my quick search but there's a little Reno coming to half the open space in the Toronto Music garden on the water. It will be on the north side so will still leave some open space. Not sure how much the area is used but not too much lawn space around so hopefully not...
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    Email notifications

    My mailbox is constantly flooded with emails for UT. As much as I love the site I've missed some important emails because of it. I have turned off all options in settings and yet I still receive the emails all the time. Anyone have a fix?
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    Ryerson: Campus Public Realm

    Have not seen anything posted for this stuff. Hopefully, it's in the right section. Ryerson University has had a plan for improving its public realm since 2017. Master Plan PDF Already completed projects include: Image Arts Streetscape Student Learning Centre Streetscape Devonian Pond...