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    22 Weber St W (Kitchener, 30 Duke St LTD, 19s, ?)

    Development on Weber in downtown Kitchener. Originally proposed as 15s I believe it was upped to 19s. Developer is 30 Duke St LTD as per the record. Not...
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    Lower Kitchener (Kitchener, Vive, 32s, ?)

    Another major redevelopment, local developer Vive has assembled an entire block (charles, ottawa, borden, king) Currently the block is at the very far end of downtown, and has the LRT running right past it. Currently the block is almost entirely run down, dilapidated and abandoned. Some...
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    61-69 Ainslie St S (Cambridge, GSP Group, 20s, WZMH Architects)

    A relatively new Cambridge proposal for downtown Galt. The site is currently home to a dilapidated bowling alley and is situated right next to the Ainslie St bus terminal and future end of the Cambridge LRT line. Site in question The developer wants to build two towers, one 15s and one...
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    15 Cedar (Kitchener, Vive, 6s ?)

    Not to be outdone by @innsertnamehere time for a slew of KW development updates. Starting with the most recent proposal 15 Cedar which is being done by Vive who have an extensive and rapidly expanding portfolio in the region. This is literally the extent of the info so far...
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    CF Grand Market District (Kitchener, Cadillac Fairview, ?s, Roy Higgs International)

    Another major KW development that is currently in progress is the revitalization of Fairview Park Mall, into the new "Grand Market District" Originally the proposal consisted of two phases. Redevelopment of the former Sears building and construction of two new mixed use/office buildings along...
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    525 Conestogo Rd (Waterloo, Northfield Properties, 35s ABA Architects)

    Relatively recent and massive proposal for northern Waterloo. The proposal seeks to redevelop the former Kraus Flooring site. This is an image of the site as it currently stands. Credit: canada 247 That image is somewhat dated as the LRT now runs down the middle of northfield drive here but...
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    Gaslight Condos (Cambridge, HIP Developments, 22s, ABA Architects, MartinSimmons)

    I'm back with more Waterloo Region threads, this time presenting the ugliest development in the region (figured I might as well get it out of the way) Gaslight Condos (horrible name) are situated just on the edge of downtown Galt on the site of the former southworks mall. (credit yelp)...
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    Charlie West (Kitchener, Momentum Developments & Zehr Group, 31s, ABA Architects)

    Thought for sure I had made a thread for this building already but apparently not. This isocated at the corner of Charles and Gaukel in downtown kitchener and is right next to the former bus terminal and manulife center as well as directly across the street from an existing LRT station. This...
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    Elevate Condos (Kitchener, Pamata Hospitality, 15s, ABA Architects)

    This is a significant development outside Kitchener's urban core. It's roughly around the intersection of the Highway 8 bypass and the Conestoga Parkway. The development itself is on Weber St and backs on to Highway 8. It is also across the highway from Fairview park mall, and the apartment...
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    Garment St Condos (120 Victoria St S, Kitchener, 26s ?)

    Been a while since I posted a KW thread, so here's a 4 building development that's technically two separate developments, 100 Victoria and 120 Victoria but they're all connected. That's the original render. All the buildings except the one on the back left are now either complete or topped...
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    193 Water St S (Cambridge, LJM Developments, 15s, RAW Design)

    The submitted applications are for the development of five, 15-storey apartment buildings, including five levels of parking. The proposed development provides for a total of 991 dwelling units (a combination of one, two, and three-bedroom apartment units and two-storey townhouses wrapped around...
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    The Bright Building (749 King St W, Kitchener, 18s, Martin Simmons)

    This is a midtown condo development on the lrt along king, and looks promising. Decided to showcase this next because apparently it's noteworthy for being on of the first electric only condo towers in the province Crane was just installed yesterday (photo creds...
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    One Young (158 King St W, Kitchener, Walter Fedy, 5s, ?)

    Wanted to highlight something a little different from Kitchener today. This one is nearly complete (exterior is finished still doing interior) but it is an incredibly unique project. Photo credit: ac3r This is a slightly older photo (late last year) but it showcases perfectly the glass on...
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    The Metz (Courtland Av E, Kitchener, Auburn Developments, 35s, ?)

    The metz: The metz is one of the larger developments in Waterloo region. 19 building mega development sitting the outskirts of downtown. Formerly a Schneiders plant, the entire site minus an old brick structure has been demolished but I dont believe construction has begun yet The timeline...
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    Breithaupt Block Phase III (Kitchener, Perimeter & Allied, 11s, MartinSimmons)

    Yet another Kitchener development. This time shifting to new office space. This is the third phase of Google's massive breithaupt block redevelopment. Those are the existing renders and I dont think the final product should be too much different. This development should be top notch quality...
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    Station Park (Kitchener, VanMar, 44s, Kirkor Architects)

    This is the project that currently owns the title for tallest proposed (approved?) tower in Waterloo Region. 5 tower development built in multiple phases (phase 1 union towers is u/c at 18 and 28 stories) the tallest 44s building will be a mix of office and residential, which is what gives it...
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    SmartCentres Cambridge (SmartCentres REIT, 35s, ?)

    Massive redevelopment of the Smartcentre cambridge lot with the plan of starting construction this year. This is an article on the redevelopment. Over 40 buildings planed for the site. Smartcenters request for an MZO for the...
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    DTK Condos (Kitchener, IN8 Developments, 39s, SRM)

    Thread for Duke Tower Kitchener. Currently the tallest building under construction in the city, I'm fairly certain it has just topped out. Photo credit: ac3r This building has an absolutely horrendous podium but it does have nice height and the tower cladding appears to be turning out a...
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    Cambridge Mill Hotel & Condominium (Pearle Hospitality, 37s, ?)

    Massive hotel development proposed by the owners of the cambridge mill right downtown galt. 2 towers, 28 & 37s and looks excellent. This also currently sits as a parking lot
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    Q Condos (Kitchener, Momentum, 34s, ABA)

    Another very nice kitchener proposal at 20 queen st n. Site as it currently stands: