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  1. Johnny Au

    Vaughan's aspiration of becoming a tourist destination

    Here's a video from Brenden Cross of Amusement Insiders discussing the City of Vaughan's plan to become a tourist destination: The City of Vaughan is looking at having Merlin Entertainments (which runs Legoland Discovery Centre in Vaughan Mills), Ivanhoé Cambridge (which runs Vaughan Mills)...
  2. Johnny Au

    MrBeast Burger and other ghost kitchens

    Yes, the extremely popular YouTuber, MrBeast, known for his extreme stunts and giveaways, has MrBeast Burger locations in Toronto since February 2021: Unlike traditional restaurants, MrBeast Burger only has ghost kitchens operating...
  3. Johnny Au

    Roy Halladay Field and Highview Park

    Read here: Roy Halladay Field is Toronto's first fully accessible baseball diamond. It's located in Highview Park near Kennedy Road, Danforth Road, and Kingston Road. It's also...
  4. Johnny Au

    Rent prices near each TTC station

    Here's an interesting map: Source: I find it interesting that Glencairn station has among the cheapest rents, despite being very close to an affluent neighbourhood.
  5. Johnny Au

    Dr. Seuss controversy

    Six Dr. Seuss books have been removed from publication as they contained racist caricatures: After the removal from publication, many Dr. Seuss books became Amazon bestsellers (though not the removed books...
  6. Johnny Au

    Torontonian magician and skeptic James Randi died at age 92

    Read here: It is really sad to see such a great magician and atheist skeptic James Randi die. Randi was famous for debunking every single claim of the supernatural ranging from faith healers to spoon benders. He dropped out...
  7. Johnny Au


    It would be interesting to discuss drive-thrus. When it comes to drive-thrus, I believe that drive-thrus should also allow cyclists to use them. Ever since the pandemic hit, I must admit that I used the drive-thru at the McDonalds on Dufferin just south of Glencairn. I don't drive. I used...
  8. Johnny Au

    Curious about the Caramilk Secret?

    Always wondered about the Caramilk secret? The marketing agency for Caramilk claimed that the Internet doesn't know the secret. Unfortunately for the marketing agency, I have included the URL to the Caramilk secret in the spoiler tag. To prevent Mondelez (parent company of Cadbury, which...
  9. Johnny Au

    Floor Numbering Schemes

    Here is a discussion split from The One (the building) thread. We discuss floor numbering schemes. Read here for a primer: Height relative to ground (storeys) European/Australasian convention US/Canadian convention Russian/Soviet convention...
  10. Johnny Au

    Eruvin of Toronto

    Here's an interesting discussion about the eruvin (singular: eruv) of Toronto. The eruv is an enclosure that marks where observant Jews can carry their possessions during the Sabbath. Often, these are marked by walls, fences, and/or wires. Here's a video about eruvin: Believe it or not...
  11. Johnny Au

    CN Tower's owner says book cover art violates trademark

    Read here: Believe it or not, Canada Lands Company is owned by the federal government and Canada has one of the most freedom of...
  12. Johnny Au

    Repurposed traffic signs

    This is a thread to discuss repurposed traffic signs. Sometimes, the Ministry of Transportation is so frugal that traffic signs are repurposed. For example, at the southern side of the intersection of Front and Spadina, there's a Keep to the Right of the Traffic Island sign that is originally...
  13. Johnny Au

    Splitting the Buildings forum into sub-forums

    It would be great of the.Buildings forum (the topmost one in UT) had sub-forums with the main forum being used for more general things such as lists of buildings across Toronto and such, especially given that UT is already splitting coverage of buildings by district anyways: UT's Growth to Watch...
  14. Johnny Au

    Unions vs. Employee Stock Ownership Plans

    Here is an interesting topic for discussion. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. I personally prefer to have aspects of both, but in some cases, they're mutually exclusive. Note that Employee Stock Ownership Plans are not the same as worker cooperatives. What do you think? Please vote...
  15. Johnny Au

    Occasional/Substitute/Supply Teachers

    Here are some letters: The first letter is about union "greed" (which I disagree with) and the second is about religious requirements to teach in the Catholic boards...
  16. Johnny Au

    Yukon Striker at Canada's Wonderland | 68m | ?s | Cedar Fair COMPLETE

    Cedar Fair knows very well that Canada's Wonderland is the most profitable and most attended of all seasonal theme parks in North America, even beating the flagship Cedar Point consistently! Here are more videos about the upcoming dive coaster: There's a great chance that the roller...
  17. Johnny Au

    Spelunking and other discussions about caves

    Let's discuss spelunking (i.e. cave exploration) and other stuff about caves. The nearest natural cave system to Toronto is in the Blue Mountains (they're known as the Scenic Caves).
  18. Johnny Au

    School Vouchers

    Read here: In parts of the United States, some states give out school vouchers to allow those with a household income below a certain level to be able to attend private school for free or at a discount. Often, those private schools are religious in...
  19. Johnny Au

    North York Centre Van Attack

    Primer: Basic context: 25-year-old Richmond Hill man of Armenian descent drove a rented van in North York Centre and intentionally ran over a few pedestrians dead. According to the New York Post, his motive may be misogynistic.
  20. Johnny Au

    The Retail Apocalypse

    This is a thread to discuss the Retail Apocalypse and its impact in retail. There have been many permanent store closings during the mid-2010s. Even Toys Я Us filed for bankruptcy protection. It would be interesting to see what happens to various shopping centres and what would replace the...