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  1. urbandreamer

    Toronto | The Tailor | 38.6m | 10s | Marlin Spring | Graziani + Corazza

    This is currently a Burrito Boyz etc.
  2. urbandreamer

    1270 Woodbine Avene (Stafford Homes)

    Another Beer Store redevelopment.
  3. urbandreamer

    Toronto | Artistry Condos | 103.5m | 29s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    This future development includes the Orange Alert Coffee, St Patrick's parish hall at 131 McCaul and Hagen Hair & Barber at 292 Dundas Street West. The College 2.0?
  4. urbandreamer

    1215 Dundas Street East (Hullmark)

    This site is the parking lot next to Lamb's Flat Iron Lofts project. Maybe more office less residential here?
  5. urbandreamer

    401 Logan (Hullmark)

    The T Shirt Guys becoming another Hullmark development.
  6. urbandreamer

    54 Foxbar Road (The Bradgate Arms redevelopment, Revera Inc)

    I hope they retain the historic beauty here. Maybe there's room for a modern high rise addition?
  7. urbandreamer

    Toronto | Queen Central | 106.23m | 34s | Parallax | IBI Group

    Looks like another P+S beauty is coming to Queen and Mutual, across the street from 88 North etc.
  8. urbandreamer

    180 Munro Street (?, ?s, RAW Design)

    Personally I love these 1-2 storey Victorian era industrial buildings but I know real estate developers love to maximize their profits.... Anyhow this is smack in the middle of the Gerrard/Broadview/Dundas East/DVP block surrounded by SFH so I'm expecting townhomes here. (Really reminds me...
  9. urbandreamer

    Toronto | 415 Yonge | 239.26m | 61s | Marwest | Kirkor Architects

    Winnipeg's Marwest Dev Corp owns this site. Will they hook up with a quality Toronto developer for something taller than YSL?
  10. urbandreamer

    Toronto | 64-86 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

    This is the property south of the Wheat Sheaf down to Wellington Street West. Sounds like a mixed use retail-focused project.
  11. urbandreamer

    77 Erskine (Freed Developments, ?s, aA?)

    I know the mice will be sad to exit this rental property but they can always move into an aA building.:)
  12. urbandreamer

    Toronto | 483 Bay | 227m | 70s | Northam | IBI Group

    I know the owner is lobbying the city to relax zoning by-laws for their various sites including at Yonge and Carlton--2 Carlton--however this is an excellent site for something tall.:D
  13. urbandreamer

    120 Eglinton Avenue East (Great Gulf, ?s, ?)

    12 storey office building to be redeveloped?!
  14. urbandreamer

    1233 Yonge @ Woodlawn (Plaza + Firm Capital, ?s, ?)

    This site is the old red brick walkup apartments at North East corner Yonge Street and Woodlawn Avenue.
  15. urbandreamer

    296 Richmond Street West (Pinedale Properties, Quadrangle Architects)

    As mentioned by me 5 years ago in another thread, Pinedale is seeking to redevelop many of their existing rental and office buildings including 296 Richmond Street West. Will only the facade remain here?
  16. urbandreamer

    Toronto | Junction House | 40.23m | 9s | Slate | superkül

    Another condo development coming to the Junction, replacing the block from Westown Chinese Food, the old Moss and Lam building and the car garage.
  17. urbandreamer

    Toronto | Y&S Condos | 121.3m | 35s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    Mixed use office and residential building to replace the TD Insurance tower at Yonge and Soudan.
  18. urbandreamer

    Toronto | 140 Thomas Street | ?m | 4s | Botany Hill | Turner Fleischer

    TF is really getting their **** together, which is why they're (along with Kirkor) 2016 NimbyTect of the Year! eg: Botany Hill Developments upcoming 4 storey, 7 unit luxury development at 140 Thomas St/156 Randall Street the elevations tell the...
  19. urbandreamer

    Toronto | 295 Jarvis Street | 112.47m | 36s | Tricon | Core Architects

    I noticed Minto put in a redevelopment request to the lobbyist registry late 2016. 45 storeys here?
  20. urbandreamer

    Toronto | 474 Wellington Street West | 63.09m | 14s | Hullmark | a—A

    Proposed office redevelopment of 474 Wellington Street West--currently a 2 storey office building on the north side. With Westbank's BIG project to the north, I'm expecting 10-12 storeys here. Hope it's good Quadrangle with an attractive red brick facade. Source: Toronto Lobby Registry.