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  1. AlbertC

    University of Guelph: Honey Bee Research Centre (Moriyama & Teshima)

    U of G's website for this project: Renderings from Moriyama & Teshima's website:
  2. AlbertC

    141 Adelaide St W (@ York St, Epic, ground level renovations)

    Some interior and exterior renderings of the renovations work being done on their website: Oct 9, 2021
  3. AlbertC

    The Post Condos (Oakville, Greenpark, 8s, ?)

    A new 8-storey condo coming to Postridge Drive & Dundas Street East in Oakville by the Greenpark Group:
  4. AlbertC

    60 Dundas Street East (Mississauga, Almega, ?s, ?) Almega Co. Together with Windsor Capital Set to Revitalize Important Cooksville Intersection Sep 22, 2021 Almega Co. is pleased to announce a...
  5. AlbertC

    First Narayever Congregation (187 Brunswick Ave, 2s, LGA Architectural)

    New building for the First Narayever Congregation at 187 Brunswick Ave, located just north of Harbord St and a few streets west of Spadina. First Narayever Congregation Location: Toronto Type: Renovation/Addition Size: 7,000 sf Date: Under...
  6. AlbertC

    Toronto | 40 Raglan | 96.9m | 28s | Hazelview | Graziani + Corazza Current apartment building on site:
  7. AlbertC

    Toronto | 240 Danforth Road | 10.78m | 2s | Ranka | R.A. Lumbao Architects 240 DANFORTH RD Ward 20: Scarborough Southwest Application Number: 21 198774 ESC 20 SA Application Type: Site Plan Approval Date Submitted: 16/08/2021 Status: Under Review Description: Proposal for a block of 5...
  8. AlbertC

    Toronto | 56 Fieldway | 120.12m | 35s | Stowe Holdings | TACT Architecture 56 FIELDWAY RD Ward 3: Etobicoke-Lakeshore Application Number: 21 205810 WET 03 OZ Application Type: Rezoning Date Submitted: 30/08/2021 Status: Under Review Proposed redevelopment of the site into a mixed-use...
  9. AlbertC

    Toronto | U of T: Koffler Health & Wellness Expansion | 17.24m | 4s | U of T | U of T 214-220 COLLEGE ST Ward 11: University-Rosedale Site Plan Approval for the renovation and expansion of the existing Health and Wellness Centre within the Koffler building at the University of Toronto. The proposed...
  10. AlbertC

    Hickory Tree Tower (1736-1746 Weston Road, A1 Developments, 25s, ?)

    New upcoming development for 1736-1746 Weston Road, which is the SW corner with Wilby Crescent. It's also across the street for a parking lot and entrance to the Weston GO/UP Express station. Hickory Tree Tower 1736-1746 Weston...
  11. AlbertC

    375 Kingston Road (@ Rougemount Dr, Pickering, Decade Capital, 2 x ?s, ?)

    Future redevelopment of the shopping plaza at the SE corner of Kingston Road & Rougemount Drive in Pickering. The anticipated plans call for a mixed-use site including two residential towers to be built. Current view of...
  12. AlbertC

    220 Oak Street (TCHC, 27s, building renewal, LGA Architectural)

    Presentation originally posted back in November 2020 for a $30-million investment towards revitalizing the exterior and interior components of 220 Oak Street, an existing 27-storey apartment building in Regent Park owned by TCHC. LGA Architectural are the firm hired for the design. Also...
  13. AlbertC

    One Markham (3143 19th Ave, Markham, SOW Capital, ?s, CXT Architects)

    Mentioned in this article by the Toronto Star today: More info in this online presentation posted on July 8th, 2021...
  14. AlbertC

    Kingsley Square Condos (693 Davis Drive, Newmarket, Briarwood, 2 x 15s, ?)
  15. AlbertC

    2237-2283 St. Clair Ave West (Marlin Spring, 2 x ?s, ?)

    Greybrook Realty Partners Invests $20,000,000 in a Mid-Rise Residential Development Project with Marlin Spring in Toronto, Ontario August 20, 2021 Greybrook Realty Partners Inc. announced today the successful closing of an equity investment by its managed issuer of $20,000,000 to acquire and...
  16. AlbertC

    2273 Queen Street East (Chabad of Danforth-Beaches, 3s, ?)

    The Chabad of Danforth-Beaches at 2273 Queen Street East (west of Glen Manor Drive) in the Beaches area, are proposing to redevelop the western half of this building to expand their operational spaces. Images from the article below:
  17. AlbertC

    1129 Dufferin Street (n of Shanly, 3s, ?)

    This old house which suffered fire damage a few years ago is being converted into a fourplex multi-unit building, with a new addition built on top. It's one block north of Dufferin subway station.
  18. AlbertC

    367 Howland Ave (Green Street Flats, 3s, Craig Race Architecture)

    A multi-unit missing middle type project being planned at 367 Howland Ave, just south of Davenport Road. It's on a residential side street a couple blocks east of Bathurst Street. Current house on site:
  19. AlbertC

    348 Davenport Road (YWCA, renovations)

    More info on the work being done here: Progress of the rear extension from the back...