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  1. mjl08

    Toronto Centre & York Centre Byelections, 2020

    CBC: Byelections called for Toronto Centre, York Centre on Oct. 26 The only declared candidates are journalist Marci Ien in Toronto Centre and entrepeneur Ya'ara Saks in York Centre, both for the Liberal Party.
  2. mjl08

    Ontario encouraging building of pre-fabricated schools to cut costs

    According to reports last week, the Ministry of Education is looking to build cheaper schools. This could have significant ramifications on built form and architectural quality. It could also impact neighborhoods, as schools are often more than just for learning, but act as community hubs...
  3. mjl08

    2019 Canadian Federal Election

    Taking a page from 2015, I figured it was time to start a thread for the 2019 federal election in October If the 2015 fixed election date was any indication, it will be a very long campaign. There are many early story lines. Free trade, carbon tax, refugees. Can Scheer make an impression on...
  4. mjl08

    Hamilton | The Pasadena | ?m | 4s | Metro Partners| Lintack

    27 Bold St. Hamilton
  5. mjl08

    Afternoon in Downtown Detroit: Itinerary Suggestions?

    I'm visiting family in Windsor and I'm hoping to squeeze in four to five hours in Downtown Detroit on a Saturday afternoon. I will be on foot and taking the Windsor tunnel bus across the river. Any itinerary suggestions for someone interested in urban planning and architecture? Thanks!
  6. mjl08

    21 Park Lane Circle (Drake, 2s, Ferris Rafauli)

    Reportedly the site of Canadian rapper/pop star Drake's new abode. Original story: History of the site and original house that was demolished...
  7. mjl08

    Hamilton | 220 Dundurn | ?m | 3s | Vranich Group

    The former hoisery factory is now the site of 124 rental units. History of the site and development can be found here:
  8. mjl08

    What Toronto neighbourhoods had the best ROI in the last 20 years?

    If you could go back in time to 1996, what area would you have purchased property? Curious to hear what the responses are. Areas that immediately come to mind are Willowdale and The Junction.
  9. mjl08

    Atlantic Canada diaspora in Ontario

    Driving through South Western Ontario I always find myself spotting Nova Scotia or Newfoundland flags. The immensely cyclical economy of the East Coast in the last century has led to migration of Atlantic residents to western provinces. Are there certain pockets of Ontario that have uniquely...
  10. mjl08

    Daytrip to Buffalo - Itinerary suggestions

    I hope to spend about 9 hours in the city. Any itinerary suggestions for a UTer with an interest in architecture? Thanks!
  11. mjl08

    The western invasion: Toronto's new restaurant kings

    Joey's. Earl's. Cactus Club. Milestones. Moxie's. All products of west coast corporate hospitality groups, they have expanded across the GTA, from suburban power centres to swanky downtown corridors. In a competitive industry with huge risk for up-and-comer chefs and owners, these chains have...
  12. mjl08

    Seeking venue for 60th birthday party

    Co-organizing a birthday bash for my old man in June. I would be grateful for any advice for venues, with these considerations in mind: 1. Centrally located, near TTC and highways and/or east end bias near Danforth/Beaches 2. Non-bar setting... many non-drinkers in attendance, although...
  13. mjl08

    Report: Ontario to sell LCBO HQ and warehouse

    Drummond Report: Ontario to sell downtown LCBO warehouse and HQ Ontario’s finance minister appears set to put the brakes on corporate tax cuts and accelerate sales of...
  14. mjl08

    The "School District" question

    I always scratch my head at real estate buzz surrounding "school districts." I recall a study by the Star a few years ago that showed a map of top EQAO tested schools in the TDSB. The top schools were almost entirely located in upper-middle-class and upper-class areas, particularly in...
  15. mjl08

    Question for Bike Commuters - West End to MCC

    Is a commute bike commute from Dupont/Lansdowne to Mississauga City Centre too difficult? I have never bike commuted more than 20 kms round trip within the city. Is is it feasible? Google maps says it will take anywhere from an hour to 80 mins depending on route. Is Google missing anything...
  16. mjl08

    Commute suggestions? Bloor West to Bay Street

    Hey guys, a quick question on behalf of my brother. He is a transplanted suburbanite, so public transit is out of the question. He recently moved to the Annette/Runneymede area, and drives to Bay & College every day. He currently uses Bloor West or College via Lansdowne. Alas, after...
  17. mjl08

    The Beach(es)

    I started a thread on the Upper Beach(es) concerning the boundaries, so I thought I’d start one for The Beach(es) as well. Whenever I'm in the neighbourhood I'm constantly amazed by the sheer pride the residents hold for their east-end community. From the endless "Beach" bumperstickers on...
  18. mjl08

    Princess of Wales Theatre COMPLETE

    I want to get people's thoughts about the exterior, interior, seating, sound etc. Its the only major Toronto theatre I have yet to be inside, and I wanted to grasp any differences/similarities with its Royal Alex and Canon brother and sister. I know its a fairly new building, less than...
  19. mjl08

    Alberta allowing parents to pull kids from controversial classes

    It seems like economic progress supersedes social progress out there in Wild Rose country. Or am I just being a nitpicky lefty heathenistic Torontonian? Thoughts.
  20. mjl08

    The Upper Beach(es)

    I wanted to get people's thoughts on the Upper Beach(es), more specifically, whether or not it actually exists. I was around Woodbine & Gerrard this morning and pondered whether or not the "Upper Beach(es)" identity was simply beneficial for the real estate industry (its likely originator)...