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  1. 3Dementia

    Toronto Frames: found photos from local lensers

    We are blessed with many great UT photographers, but couldn't find (👓) a thread to feature other local lensers. I'll start with a talented fellow named Timothy Neesam. Timothy Neesam of Flickr Timothy Neesam of Flickr Timothy Neesam of Flickr Inside Timothy Neesam of Flickr Outside...
  2. 3Dementia

    The current and future BOOM(s) outside the downtown core

    I thought this future snapshot of “outside the downtown core” development might be useful, particularly for some new forum members. This snapshot was originally posted in response to a SkyScraperPage thread question: “Why Does Toronto Have *So Many* Proposed Buildings?” FYI, the SSP forum...
  3. 3Dementia

    Toronto voices - thank you to a magic flash mob

    I realize there are only 87 people in this city who haven’t discovered this glorious vocal flash mob, birthed at Clinton’s Tavern, but here’s some personal favs just in case one or two forum members haven’t been Choir!-ed. Bowie tribute (a few folks at the AGO - 24 hours after the tragic news)...
  4. 3Dementia

    FUTURE Skyline (lots of changes) - updated November 2020

    A partial make-over of the render I did with Koops years ago - includes new additions (eg. 1200 Bay), new designs (eg. Star Tower), a few generic place-holders and some improved cladding/skins (e.g. financial district). Still missing dozens of projects (Union Park got nixed ‘cause I was tired...
  5. 3Dementia

    THROW-BACK of UT Odds and Ends (from my old laptop)

    The renders/photo are old, but the captions are brand new! Pandemic-induced boredom of course. I’ll add some more now and then (but only if I get 2 Likes or more.. my reaction score sucks). 🏀A bad but towering joke I concocted 15 years ago. The empty arena seats do sorta foreshadow the...
  6. 3Dementia


    best drummer ever and challenging wordsmith. Tears for the loss.. only 67.
  7. 3Dementia

    Calatrava please - what firms do you want working in Toronto

    Calatrava's galleria and heritage square are simply (largely unknown) masterpieces. His little footbridge in Humber Bay Parks, pure delight (hidden treasure). I think Ry High was involved in discussions years back with Calatrava for a tower on Church Street... alas nothing. So who do want to...
  8. 3Dementia

    "A Place to Grow"

    400m utilizing a skin similar to Erickson's original design for RTH (included RTH: no exterior mullions or a concrete hat)
  9. 3Dementia

    What if we had a Notre Dame scale fire?

    The Horrific fire at Notre Dame made me think... what kind of fire will level what's left of our built city. Betting on crap developers in the core to do most of the work but Ford beyond the core(bye bye Bucky masterpieces).
  10. 3Dementia

    5 year old high angle (corp commission)

    This is obviously out of date but is original aerial shot and most of what is now built/uc was underway at the time. Thus the future render projection of "completed" projects. Would like to add dozens of new projects (3 supertalls) etc. and my contact has left the company. Wondering.
  11. 3Dementia

    MODEL city revisited

    Just an odds 'n ends slice/collection from an old render using architectural models (completed, u/c and the 1st version of Gehry's Projectcore added). Apologies to the original photographers (no idea - years ago). Obviously there are no models of Oxford-Foster or Pinnacle-Yonge yet. Just an...
  12. 3Dementia

    Bury the Myth: the VANCOUVERIZING of TORONTO

    I think it's time to bury the urban myth of the "Vancouverizing" of Toronto. Love them or hate them, (built, soon to be built or hoping they get built) there's nothing in the country that resembles the soaring elegance of ICE, the monolithic Aura, the undulating promise of 1 Bloor East, Massey...
  13. 3Dementia

    PIAZZA concept: Queen-Shuter-Dalhousie-Mutual

    With all the discussion of public squares in general, and this city block in particular in the "decay of Queen Street East" thread (it has remained a parking lot for 28 years), I had hoped to announce some triumphant news about a concept introduced here and in the media about 5 years year ago...
  14. 3Dementia

    Projects and construction- 2004 skyline + future render

    MODS - before you banish this thread to the (low traffic) Renderings section, I would point out that this compilation of many new projects (like the 400 foot list) is appropriate to this section. Thanks. As seen in the December (hard copy) issue of SpacingToronto. 2004 Toronto + Updated...
  15. 3Dementia

    SpacingToronto party + Future Skyline Render

    Thought you guys would be interested in the next (hard copy) issue of SpacingToronto called Tall & Small. There's a party on Dec. 13th. Here's the link: SPACINGTORONTO As I mentioned in some other thread they used my "ancient" before and after (future) view from the Humber Bay Parks (that...
  16. 3Dementia

    Toronto | Aqualina at Bayside | 47.85m | 13s | Tridel | Arquitectonica

    "Acclaimed" designers Arquitectonica have revealed a conceptual design for Bayside's first building. If acclaimed designers are going to serve up this kind of crap, give me those with less acclaim. Have a look. Conceptual is no excuse for terrible. see September 30th...
  17. 3Dementia

    CATHEDRAL SQUARE - a second look

    Three years ago the National Post did an article on my concept for a piazza-style urban meeting place called "CATHEDRAL SQUARE" I thought it might be fun to revisit the idea one more time.... particularly since there appears to a be an "east of Yonge" renaissance underway. At the time, Kyle...
  18. 3Dementia

    High angle future with 1 Bloor

    Here's a 1 Bloor scribble in my (out of date) high angle render. Scroll>>>>
  19. 3Dementia

    High Angle Project Compilation - updated

    I became interested in how 45 Bay Street would impact the built form of the city from this POV, despite being many years from a "start". While I was at it, I improved a number of projects from my old high angle render including Aura, Casa, Burano, Success etc. I also added some generic...
  20. 3Dementia

    View from the west - Future Render - Happy Holidays

    A leading magazine that examines Toronto life tracked me down in various forums and asked me to provide a future render for an upcoming issue, for proper compensation of course. One of the options I offered was an update on my old future view from Marina Del Ray. After they blew me off...