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  1. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 16 York | 154.83m | 32s | Cadillac Fairview | a—A

    I can’t think it’s an official advertisement considering the GO logo isn’t quite right — but I think it’s a cute little thing regardless and hope it’s permanent!
  2. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 1910 Yonge | 156m | 45s | Davpart | Graziani + Corazza

    After spending some time looking over the architectural plans, I have to say I find the renderings a fair bit deceiving. Here's why: First, they've chosen to render the window wall on the glass without any detail whatsoever (e.g. mullions, spandrel vs. vision panels, etc.) which while I...
  3. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 1910 Yonge | 156m | 45s | Davpart | Graziani + Corazza

    If the design prompt for the towers was someone at G+C asking “how can we smush two of the best looking midtown projects (E Condos and 150/155 Redpath) into a single development and end up with an utter affront to architecture and design?”, I think they nailed it. As for the podium… oh boy...
  4. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Ryerson University: Smart Campus Integration and Testing Hub | 10.54m | 3s | Ryerson University | Gow Hastings

    Still no documents showing up for this on the AIC but I come bearing a rendering and information from WZMH Architects' Instagram page source
  5. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | YC Condos -- Yonge at College | 198.42m | 62s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    True enough, and I don’t have any issue with using concrete for sidewalks - but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that they include something to break up a large expanse of it. Whether that be some trees or trim or what have you.
  6. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | YC Condos -- Yonge at College | 198.42m | 62s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    Wow… so it’s going to go from absolute bargain basement temporary asphalt sidewalk to zero effort given concrete sidewalk with no design features or landscaping? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. (Though I am not surprised in the slightest; and I appreciate @Northern Light...
  7. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | The Sterling Automotive | 67.5m | 18s | Lamb Development | a—A

    My favourite part of that newsletter HAS to be the "calls to action" that range from requesting a professional planner or transportation specialist take on their case against this at the OLT, to someone who can make a 3D rendering of all the proposed developments - in Minecraft form.
  8. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 2) | 299m | 90s | Menkes | a—A

    Personally, I have quite an affinity for simple, elegant, and austere architecture - international style being an early example; neomodernism being a more recent example. Traditionally, I've found aA to execute on these designs very well, and frankly, they're probably my favourite Toronto firm...
  9. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 88 Queen | 163.05m | 51s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

    Last project I photographed on Saturday, October 2nd:
  10. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 199 Church | 124.5m | 39s | CentreCourt | IBI Group

    Just two, taken late Saturday afternoon:
  11. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Panda Condominiums | 107.59m | 30s | Lifetime | Turner Fleischer

    Logistically, I understand why they enclosed the top two storeys in window wall where the balcony guards were, but that doesn't make it any less of a fumble... Saturday
  12. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Concord Sky | 298.99m | 84s | Concord Adex | a—A

    Saturday: It would be nice if Concord's first order of business was to clean up all the trash that's been thrown over the hoarding....
  13. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Halo Residences on Yonge | 131.06m | 38s | QuadReal | a—A

    Some pictures from Saturday afternoon. Firstly, from Yonge and Charles: Then, some from closer up: