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  1. NorthYorkEd

    Do you think Steeles, Finch, Sheppard, etc. will urbanize beyond Yonge?

    At one time (I'm told), the stretch of Yonge from Sheppard to Steeles was predominately suburban, with boring shopping plazas and seas of parking lots. There wasn't much of interest to coax urbanites to visit (or live) despite being along the subway line. Then came amalgamation and years of...
  2. NorthYorkEd


    This neighbourhood always ranks low in those Toronto Life articles, for whatever that is worth. I actually think it was once ranked dead last. When we mentioned that we were eyeballing a few of the condo buildings in the Antibes/Torresdale area, we got a look like..."ugh." This area...
  3. NorthYorkEd

    Landlord or tenant? Who pays for this type of maintenance/repair?

    The LTB lines are really busy right now, so thought I'd see if there was any info I could gather here. The condo we are leasing has window treatments that were installed by a previous owner/occupant. As such, they were in place long before we ever took possession of the unit. Due to some...
  4. NorthYorkEd

    When condo fees include cable...

    What does this typically mean? Basic cable out of the wall, a "free" digital box, or some other type of arrangement? What if you have multiple TVs?
  5. NorthYorkEd

    A question about solariums in condos

    I've noticed a lot of older buildings (c.1980) have enclosed solariums instead of balconies. This usually means that some of the rooms have windows that face into the solarium instead of an outside wall. There might be window or a set of sliding patio-style doors. It's an odd layout, but it...
  6. NorthYorkEd

    Byford and Keesmaat Departure Countdown...?

    I have a lot of respect and admiration for both of these individuals. They are great assets to our city. However, I'm not sure we are going to be able to hang onto them. Byford means well and has made great strides. But I don't think the quagmire of systemic incompetence and corruption and...
  7. NorthYorkEd

    East or west of Yonge - major price differences (NYCC)

    We've been watching the local condo market here in North York centre for a couple of years and have noticed a difference in prices of units along the Beecroft corridor vs. the Doris corridor (for those who aren't aware, both of these streets run parallel to Yonge going north-south from approx...
  8. NorthYorkEd

    So, what do we think about "man bags"?

    My wife picked me up a leather messenger bag so I can haul around my tablet, books, and other odds. (Guess she got tired of always being my pack mule.) It's dark brown leather. Thick strap. And hey, Indiana Jones and Jack Bauer both carried one. But it just feels like a "purse". I know we are in...
  9. NorthYorkEd

    Empress Walk Retail

    Mods: Didn't see an existing thread for this mall, please excuse me if I've added to some clutter. STAPLES is closing on September 27, 2014. No idea what the plans are for their space. It was previously a CHAPTERS.
  10. NorthYorkEd

    City fatigue?

    My wife and I are fairly recent arrivals to the city, by way of suburban Halifax. While we enjoy the vibrancy and pace, there are times when you just need to pull back and enjoy some peace. This is easy enough to do, but as we are only mind-40's, I often wonder if there will come a day when the...
  11. NorthYorkEd

    Condo troubles?

    When I see a building with several units for sale or rent, I wonder if there is an issue and if there is any way to find out what it is (outside of asking sellers or current residents). For example, these buildings around Yonge/Sheppard (NYCC) have the following number of units for sale or...
  12. NorthYorkEd

    "Palace of Versailles" being auctioned off

    No takers when it was originally priced at $23 million, no takers when it was "reduced" to a mere $14 million. So now it is heading to auction: What a sad display of wanton excess and waste.
  13. NorthYorkEd

    Flo Condominiums (Devron Developments) - Real Estate -

    Does anyone know anything about this project? There doesn't seem to be an entry for it in the database and a thread search turns up nil. The presentation center is at 4679 Yonge Street (near Avondale and Bales). The news section of the website hasn't been updated since Oct 2012. In any event...
  14. NorthYorkEd

    From suburban to urban

    My wife and I are early-40s, both employed, no kids by choice. We lived in the burbs for most of our lives and then sold our house to move closer to the city. Now leasing a condo in the North York city center area, we are enjoying all the benefits of a more urban lifestyle (though I'm sure some...