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    1117 Queen Street West (Canada Post Lands)

    Well ladies and gentlemen, here goes another piece of Toronto's history. Canada Post is selling off their old postal station built in 1902 on Queen and Abell St. Looks like it's listed as a heritage property, but not designated so (surprise, surprise) doesnt appear to be much protection on this...
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    Toronto | 450 Evans | 13.43m | 1s | Prologis | Powers Brown

    Cue the speculation as to who/what will take over, Cascades is putting their Ontario Containerboard packaging facility for sale:
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    World Trade Centre Toronto (?, ?s, ?)

    The current World Trade offices in Toronto is looking to expand in order to create a landmark complex that will attract prestigious companies and agencies. A few notes of interest are (as of September 20, 2017): -There is no firm location in mind or design yet, but possible locations include...
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    Ridiculous comments and claims made by City Councillors

    I think this deserves it's own thread. Georgio Mammoliti has made another ridiculous comment today, this time asking for the army to be called in to deal with the "turf war" in the Islington and Steeles area. This adds to his previous foolish comments regarding a red light district, and a curfew...