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    Florence Booth House (723 Queen St W, 4s, DTAH)

    Lovely revitalization project apparently being led by DTAH (do they have in-house architecture to do work at this scale?) at Florence Booth House, at 723 Queen West. DTAH blog post about it here. DTAH have been working with The Salvation Army on the revitalization of Florence Booth House, an...
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    Toronto | Humber Bay Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | DTAH

    Not sure if there's an HBS catch-all thread, but in lieu: DTAH selected for Humber Bay Park Phase 1 Implementation Following the successful completion of the award-winning Humber Bay Park Master Plan, DTAH has been selected by the City of Toronto to lead the landscape architecture for phase 1...
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    507 King St. E. (Hullmark, ?s, ?)

    From Jeff Hull (of Hullmark):
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    Toronto | Dufferin Grove Village | 133.4m | 39s | Primaris | BDP Quadrangle

    Well, here we go (through not as holistically as I and likely others had hoped for); from Bailao's newsletter: Dufferin Mall Redevelopment Open House The owners of the Dufferin Mall (Primaris Management Inc.) are currently exploring opportunities to redevelop the surface parking lots at the...
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    Scarborough Town Centre Redevelopments SPA: Redevelopment of former Sears wing of Scarborough Town Centre retail mall and one new stand-alone building for cinemas. Site Plan Approval18...
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    Toronto | 12 Ossington | 19.81m | 4s | Hullmark | Hariri Pontarini

    Neat little one here: 4 storey commercial-retail. Tidy design, lovely arches.
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    Monsignor Fraser Public Park

    I can't remember if there's a catch-all parks thread, but a mod should of course feel free to move this to it if one exists, but neat little new park plan here, turning a surface lot at the school into a public park. Details (and a design) from Cressy's newsletter: After a well-attended...
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    1602 Queen Street East | ?m | 6s | True North | SMV

    1602 QUEEN ST E 1604 QUEEN ST E Site Plan Approval for a new 6-storey mixed use building
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    14 Division Affordable Housing (321 Dovercourt Rd, 2s, Montgomery Sisam)

    Interesting (though also somewhat frustrating) project here, as detailed in Mike Layton's latest newsletter: they'll be converting the disused 14 Division police station into (an inappropriately small amount of) affordable housing and some surface parking. My biggest gripes, which I've written...
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    Toronto | 263 Logan | 16m | 4s | Reserve Properties | Studio JCI

    Ward 30 - Tor & E.York District 15 BUSY ST 263 LOGAN AVE Site Plan Control application to allow the redevelopment of the site with a 6-unit townhouse block (1849.0 sq. m.)
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    737 Bloor St. W. (Terra Gold Properties, 3s ?)

    SPA has been filed for the site of this little building at the corner of Bloor and Grace that, until recently, housed a convenience store/garden centre.
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    Toronto | 100 Wellesley East | 38.7m | 11s | CAPREIT | Core Architects

    Zoning By-law Amendment to facilitate proposal to retain the existing 28-storey rental apartment building (427 units) and construct a new 10-storey mixed-use building (31.5 metres, excluding mechanical penthouse) along the Jarvis Street frontage and the easterly portions of Wellesley Street and...