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  1. Lake Ontario

    3085 Hurontario St (Equity Three Holdings, 9 + 30 + 33 + 35s, Diamond Schmitt)

    "3 residential and 1 mixed use buildings of 9, 30, 33 and 35 storeys (1081 units total) gr fl commercial (1025sq m)" The current site is the City Centre Plaza, a small indoor shopping plaza with a above ground parking garage at the rear. It is located around the southeast corner of Hurontario...
  2. Lake Ontario

    3016-3032 Kirwin Avenue & 3031 Little John Lane (Cooksville, DVB Real Estate, 8s, ?)

    An 8 storey apartment building with 148 residential units located 450m east of Hurontario and Dundas. The site is currently a woodlot and vacant lots that were occupied by bungalows. Public notice Site in purple: The above render is taken on Kirwin. The address also brings up an older...
  3. Lake Ontario

    Dundas on the Creek (255 Dundas St W, Mississauga, Blackthorne Development Corp., 14s, Graziani + Corazza)

    A 14 storey apartment building located at the northwest corner of Dundas Street West and Parkerhill Road, 350m west of Confederation Parkway. The site is currently a plaza. Current design from a Public Notice (July 2021): Previous iteration from a Design Review Panel (November 2020)...
  4. Lake Ontario

    U of T: UTM ACT Building (U of T, 5s, Henning Larsen Architects/KPMB Architects) ACT (Arts, Culture and Technology) Building is expected to include an expansion of the Blackwood Gallery as well as an Indigenous centre, restaurant, tiered lecture theatre for film viewings and...
  5. Lake Ontario

    Mississauga Central Library Renovation (Hazel McCallion Central Library) (RDH Architects, 4s)

    The Mississauga Central Library will undergo a $42.8 million renovation and expansion. The library will close on March 20, 2021 (delayed from December 2020). Construction is expected to begin in April 2021 and expected to reopen in 2023. By then the library will be renamed to Hazel McCallion...
  6. Lake Ontario

    Argyle (2570-2590 Argyle Road, Mississauga, Ranee Management, 15s, IBI)

    A 15 storey infill ("Building C") near Dundas Street West, 2 blocks west from Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. The new building would be situated on an existing parking lot. ~47m tall. Building in orange: Renders: Application documents under Ward 7, 2570 - 2590 Argyle Road...
  7. Lake Ontario

    7085 Goreway Drive (Malton, ?, 16+18s, ?)

    Public notice: Two apartment buildings (18 and 16 storeys) connected by a 2 storey podium and 12 townhouses, for a total of 283 dwelling units, on a condominium road. Located on Goreway Drive, a block north of...
  8. Lake Ontario

    Toronto | Brightwater I & II | ?m | 14s | PCWVP | Diamond Schmitt New renders:
  9. Lake Ontario

    420 Lakeshore Rd E (Mississauga, Plaza/Stellarcorp, 11s, Turner Fleischer)

    Located at Lakeshore Road East at Enola Drive, in Lakeview, Mississauga. Southwest corner at existing Beer Store. Designed by Turner Fleischer for Plazacorp/Stellarcorp. Description from development map: "12-storey condominium apartment building containing 195 units with at grade...
  10. Lake Ontario

    2444 Hurontario Street (Cooksville, ?, 26s, Arta Architects)

    Located at Hurontario Street and Floradale Drive (between Dundas and Paisley), south side. Designed by Arta Architects. ~100m tall. Description from the development map: "31 storey residential building (215 units) with 3 live/work units". Drawings...
  11. Lake Ontario

    100 & 120 Matheson Blvd. East (100 & 120 Matheson Blvd. East, Mississauga)

    Condos coming to a light industrial area. Located on Matheson Blvd. East at Whittle Road, 1 block east from Hurontario and the Matheson LRT stop.
  12. Lake Ontario

    600 & 620 Lolita Gardens (Mississauga, ?, 25s, ?)

    A 25 storey infill rental apartment containing 271 units is proposed near the northwest corner of Dundas and the Cawthra connector. Public notice:
  13. Lake Ontario

    Toronto | 30 Bristol Road East | ?m | 25s | Marlin Spring | Turner Fleischer

    From the Mississauga Development Application Map. Looks like this is going to be at the former CIBC building that burned down last year.