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    Toronto | 9286 Kennedy | ?m | 6s | Unionville Montessori School

    Application by Unionville Montessori Private School to permit a six (6) storey Secondary School building on the existing private school campus at 9286 and 9302 Kennedy Road and 4484, 4486 and 4488 16th Avenue.
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    Smart Towns (Markham, 3s, Arista Homes)

    199 townhomes at Copper Creek Drive and Donald Cousens Parkway, just south of the Copper Creek Drive storage facility proposal. This is already well underway development.
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    Angus Glen South (Markham, 3s, Kylemore)

    This is the southeastern side of the Angus Glen Golf Course development, while Union Village is the north side.
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    Union Glen (Markham, Arista/Deco/Fieldgate/Forest Hill/Greenpark/Madison/Opus, ?s, ?)

    Robinson Glen seems to be the farthest along in the development process. There is a massive focus of heritage retention in this block; there are 8 cultural heritage resources in this block, which is the smallest of the three large ones (Angus, Robinson, and Berczy). This document is very...
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    Angus Glen (Markham, ?s)

    There is little to no information that I could find about any individual applications so this is just a placeholder thread until more information is presented. Here is an old site plan; I suspect that the Angus Golf Course still running is a key to this not moving as quickly as the other blocks...
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    Berczy Glen (Markham, ?s)

    Unlike Victoria Glen, Berczy Glen is further in the development proccess and has more details finalized. Here is one of the land owners and what the propose; I can either make seperate threads for every land owner of the block or make this in to a master thread of the area and then just post...
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    Victoria Glen (Markham, ?s, ?s)

    Just north of Major Mackenzie Drive, between Victoria Square Blvd and McCowan Road with Elgin Mills Road being its northern boundary, Markham has facillitated these lands as Markham's future urban area, specifically future neighbourhood areas. There are four new neighbourhoods that will be...
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    Victory Green (Markham, 3s, Fulton Group)

    This development is a residential and future commercial development south of 14th Avenue, east of Middlefield Road right behind and to the east of Aanin Community Centre. The development has multiple developers, such as Fulton Group and Remington Homes, with Neamsby Investments...
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    4038 Highway 7 (Markham, Scardred 7 Company, 3 + 11s, ?)

    I believe a thread for this exists already, but I can't seem to find it. An application for 20 single detached dwellings on the northern portion of 4038 Highway 7. Recently the lot was divided in half and the plan for the southern lot (50 townhomes) was removed and that lot will not be phase 2...
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    186 Old Kennedy Road (Markham, 25s, 186 Old Kennedy Development Inc)

    This development was originally proposed in 2018 with 222 3 storey townhouses. This proposal now has evolved according to a Heritage Markham Committee report. The heritage report was made as the owner requested that the Alexander McPherson House, c. 1840 has to be demolished because the land is...
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    Highway 48 & 9th Ave (Markham, 8s, Flato Developments)

    Not sure if there is a thread for this yet, but this is the MZO lands near the Markham/Stouffville boundary. The application calls for a public park, public road and residential development comprised of two (2) 8-storey buildings and townhouses in the south-west quadrant of Highway 48...
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    Toronto | 7647 Kennedy | ?m | 3s | Glen Rouge Homes

    Application for 31, three-storey townhouse units accessed by a private driveway at 7647 Kennedy Road
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    73 Main St. S. (Markham, Garden Homes, 3s)

    Application to permit 13 townhouses and a single detached lot on 73 Main St. South.
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    500 Copper Creek Drive (Markham, 4s, Smartcentres REIT)

    This is a four storey commercial self-storage warehouse facility.
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    Royal Victoria Towns (Markham, 3s, Sunrise Group)

    Development of 12 townhouses at 10165 Victoria Square Blvd.
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    5560 14th Avenue (Markham, 2s, 2697416 Ontario Inc.)

    Application for a Zoning By-Law Amendment to permit a 2-storey multi-unit industrial building at 5560 14th Avenue.
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    Vetmar Ave & Woodbine Ave (Markham, Livante Holdings, 8s, ?)

    Application for Site Plan Control for the development of an 8 storey building and 3 storey stacked townhouses with a total of 224 residential units, 1,680 m2, (18,083 ft2 ) of commercial space, and 360 parking spaces
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    Markham Gold Phase 1 | ?m | 3s | Sunny

    The townhouses here, called Markham GOLD Phase 1, are progressing well. The second phase, with the condos, should be launching soon according to their website. On a sadder note, earlier this year, Markham...
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    134 Main Street North (Markham, SmartCentres, 6s, ?)

    Proposal: to permit a six storey retirement residence incorporating existing heritage buildings at 134, 136, 140, 144, 152 Main Street North, 12 Wilson St.
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    55 Helen (Markham Ctr, Digram Developments, 8s, ?)

    Applications for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, and Draft Plan of Subdivision to permit an eight-storey residential building at 55, 63, and 83 Helen Avenue. This project is just at the eastern border of the new Markham Centre boundaries. Proposal: A high-density block...