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  1. yin_yang

    Odds of Ryerson and George Brown merging?

    I figure they have to just be getting better and better since they seem to integrate more and more. I hope this happens just because a merged entity would probably be on par with York U and closer and closer to U of T quality. I know Ryerson is expanding but I would prefer them and GBC to merge.
  2. yin_yang

    NW corner of Redpath/Eglinton?

    Anything going on there? There have to be plans. With the new towers all around it looks awkward to continue to have that diner there.
  3. yin_yang

    Dirty streetcar exteriors

    Just noticed this today while driving behind one. Is this a common thing? Usually they are clean but what could cause this?
  4. yin_yang

    Toronto Islands: Eastern Channel link?

    There must have been proposals in the past via this route...what have they been? Seems like a good spot to build a parking garage and then have a pedestrian bridge...or even to extend the distillery streetcar all the way down to there and build a bridge to the island and have it end with a loop...
  5. yin_yang

    Where is this building?

  6. yin_yang

    I want a Calatrava bridge/pier on the waterfront would I go about starting to lobby for one? how did Calgary get their Calatrava bridge?
  7. yin_yang

    North Of Brooklyn Pizza

    Christ this is good. Kale and bacon especially.
  8. yin_yang

    Ritual App

    This app is so good. Amazing people in the office and it is so well-made too. Yesterday the dish I ordered wasn't available and they gave me 10% off my next order. Make sure to use my code: when you sign up!
  9. yin_yang


    I might be late to the game, but is this not the best Thai food and possibly restaurant as a whole in Toronto? I haven't been to most of them but many of them...and it seems to be. Hands down. Prove me wrong.
  10. yin_yang

    i got given a Bell LTE galaxy S4 but i don't want to use bell mobility

    what are my other options without unlocking the phone?
  11. yin_yang

    how to apply for an apartment in the PAN AM athletes' village

    hi, i would like to live in the athletes' village building after the games finish, does anyone know how to apply for housing there? i haven't found any information online. thanks!
  12. yin_yang

    Real Estate outlook for my family holdings

    Hi, I need some opinions from experts on what to do with these pieces of real estate. One 2br condo suite at 45 Carlton Street. Building built in ~1982. One 1br condo suite at 711 Bay Street. Building built in ~1991. One 2br condo suite at 711 Bay Street. How long will these buildings last...
  13. yin_yang

    I want to become a paramedic and need some specific information

    Hi, I'm looking for someone in the field to answer some questions I have. PM me. Thank you.
  14. yin_yang

    WIND Mobile customers that tether their phones..

    I've been tethering my laptop and torrenting a bunch lately through my Nexus, and noticed that it seems like WIND has capped either just my speed or general tethering speeds around the city in the last 48h. Downtown, uptown, it won't go above 0.23mbps now. I used to get 5mbps earlier! Loved...
  15. yin_yang

    Urban Toronto mobile application...?!

    seeing as how skyscrapercity has one, and UT has grown so steadily into something that can begin call itself a high-traffic message board, it would be oh-so-convenient to have this...i'd pay $5 for it! would prefer it to be free, but oh well. i'd post waaaay more, and would use this for work and...
  16. yin_yang

    "TTC Facts" they banned me after a comment or two, but i was hoping others can go and try and talk some reason into these poor souls..
  17. yin_yang

    Ryerson University Overcrowding

    I graduated in 2009 but still pay to take out books from the library. It is slightly pathetic how crowded teaching/learning facilities at Ryerson have gotten. They need to raise tuition fees, or McGuinty needs to raise taxes. It is simply impossible for Ryerson to comfortably accommodate 35,000...
  18. yin_yang

    Legality of Witnessing an Arrest/Legal Issue?

    Hi, I've tried to witness legal issues before (in courts of justice) and that was tolerated, but a little while ago, I was biking home, saw a cop giving someone a traffic ticket, and decided to witness it. The cop told me to get lost. I stayed. He got really belligerent. That doesn't make any...