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    Condo-sized/compact washer/dryer options

    Hi folks. I'm in the market for a compact wahser/dryer. I have a vent, but I only have 29 inches of depth to work with. My options are pretty limited for compact vented washer/dryer. Bloomberg, Samsung, GE are the only options I've run across with this configuration. The reviews for the...
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    Help understanding “Firm Occupancy Date” vs “Closing Date” in this scenario

    Have a condo townhouse that’s nearly completed. I got a letter that says the townhouse is almost complete and a Firm Occupancy date was given for this month. Ok, I’ve purchased a number of times before I get it. Anyways, I’m talking to the builders office about cupboards and the lady casually...
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    What is the demand for executive, furnished rentals?

    1 bedroom unit at 1 Bloor. Dilemma is whether to rent it as a furnished unit or vacant. It's small so furnishing it would cost about $5-6K. Have never done the furnished thing but feel it could work here. Thoughts?
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    TVO: What's Wrong With Toronto Condos?

    Interesting discussion here: Agree with most of what was said. We're building a lot of crap and there are many reasons why. Biggest reason is speculation IMO. Speculators don't give 2 poops what the builidings will look like or how they will impact the neighbourhood.
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    Thoughts on this 2+1 floorplan?

    I don't really consider the "den" a true den. Maybe a good spot for a dining table. The living room is on the small side.
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    Thoughts on this floorplan?

    pros: 10ft ceilings Huge living room and kitchen. Great view looking North/West (soon to be obstructed I'm sure) Cons: Long hallway small/narrow 2nd bedroom. smallish master. Could have done more with the space (ie: a full 2nd bathroom, bigger bedrooms) This place would...
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    Anyone having trouble with the new site?

    The site is crappy to begin with but I can't seem to search for properties. All I get is the "Searching for Listings" screen when I search for anything.
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    CBC: Fears that shoddy Toronto condos could become future slums Keep hearing more and more about shoddy construction, an outdated building code and nothing being done done to hold builders accountable (Tarion is a joke).
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    Thoughts on the following floorplans (Gooderham condos)

    Some thoughts on these units would be appreciated. Biggest issue here is storage in the kitchen. It's non-existent and with some of the units I don't even know if a island is possible
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    Thoughts on the following floorplans?

    Added a few others:
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    In today's precon condo market. Are builders now open to negotiating price?

    In today's precon condo market. Are there deals to be had? Over the last few years when precon was red hot. It was next to impossible to negotiate price. Now that precon isn't selling as well. I'm wondering if there are now deals to be had? Especially the condos that are within 6 months of...
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    What are your thoughts on this floorplan and how would you decorate it?

    I like the layout and use of space. My only issue is the linear kitchen. I need to figure out how to add workspace and an eating area. What are your thoughts?
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    Can someone with access to Sold units help me out?

    Looking to find sale prices for 2 buildings. If you can PM me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
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    38 Joe Shuster Way has its own twitter. And it's funnay!
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    Not sure where to ask but why was this thread closed?
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    Closing costs going way up. Concern?

    Closing costs have gone up exponentially over the last few years it seems. My worry is are people rushing in to buy these condos aware that their closing costs will be astronomical? I'm hearing a lot of horror stories about extremely high closing costs that even have lawyers stunned. Even if...
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    Anyone have any experience with I was reading a thread on buzzbuzzhome and am not sure if this is a scam or not.
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    Board seems to be running very slow

    Pages taking forever to load from me. Checked on my phone and same issue. Given the lack of traffic over the last little while I'd say others are experiencing the same thing.
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    Looking for a good family doctor (downtown)

    Any recommendations?