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    Toronto | 45 Balliol | 133.45m | 40s | G.R Feldman Investments | Core Architects

    The area is a sea of white apartments. I would have liked some colour or contrast. Some red or black.
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    The seemingly terminal decline of Tim Hortons

    Pretty sure every Tims I've been to in the last month - I drive a lot for work - has had a "Now Hiring" sign.
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    Is the new Mount Dennis GO Station opening up at the same time as the Crosstown, and will the UPX also serve the station immediately after opening?
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    This thread has me thinking... could this be Toronto's new multiplex vernacular? 😁 Source
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    Working from home vs. commuting to work during and after the pandemic

    The management team is still fine tuning the details, but the word is that we are moving to a split model, with our employer requiring us to come into office at least three days a week. Remote and sales staff who worked away from the office pre-COVID can continue to do so. I work in an office...
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    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    I'm behind the paywall. Do they say how much traffic dropped on the 407? As you noted, it almost certainly dropped more than other 400 series highways, for the reasons you noted. Still, this move looks bad. Expect Del Duca and Horwath to grill Ford on this come the Spring, and with it, unleash...
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    Toronto | BMO Field Renovations | ?m | ?s | MLSE | Gensler

    Russia showed it can be done.
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    2022 Municipal Election: Council Races

    I've always been on the fence about term limits, but surely 25+ years in office is enough to leave your mark on a city?
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    Working from home vs. commuting to work during and after the pandemic

    I work for a charitable organization, where bringing down administrative costs like real estate is paramount. Everyone is currently working from home. Our office lease ends in April, and afterward we are going to a permanent remote model, with access to a Toronto co-work space - like Regus -...
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    2022 Municipal Election: Council Races

    The only two on the list I can't see running are Adam Vaughan and Josh Matlow. Both are too independent, too prickly, and don't play well with others. These attributes are often advantageous when sitting as a councillor, but less so as a mayor (or an MP). Yes, I can see Bradford or Bailao as...
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    Intercity Bus Services

    This caught my eye from September. Apparently Niagara is considering moving the governance model of local transit from cities to the region. Could we see similar cities and regions complete these transit agency "mergers," and would it help close the gap in service in outlying communities?
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    Toronto | 69 Yonge | ?m | 15s

    Great, thank you for the 101 on commercial real estate. What about office parks in the inner-suburbs, like Don Mills, Lesmill or Consumers Road? Are these office buildings more ripe for conversions?
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    Planned Sprawl in the GTA

    Regarding Bullet 2, "Creative Industries." Ah yes, creative young professionals love living in suburban SFHs next to a corn field. Explains why Milton and Brooklin are the creative hubs they are, and not Leslieville or The Junction! Absolute BS.
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    Toronto | 69 Yonge | ?m | 15s

    I wonder if post-COVID this is the first of many office-to-residential conversions in the Financial District?
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    Crosstown LRT | Metrolinx

    Anyone have a slightly more precise figure for opening day? Summer, Fall?
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    Apex Condos (235 Main St W, Hamilton, Coletara Developments, 23s, Michael Spaziani Architects)

    Yikes, all the high rises in Hamilton look so bad. The McMaster graduate residence looks like the only good one.
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    Beasley Park Lofts (Hamilton, 134 Mary St, Stinson, 20s?, ?)

    I'm not digging the tower at all.