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  1. marcus_a_j

    Views from the Toronto-Dominion Centre Observation Gallery

    I found this TD Centre handout at my father-in-laws. He toured the observation gallery with a cousin visiting from Netherlands sometime in the late 60's (there's a photo of them with the city behind that probably has the date on the back that I forgot to take).
  2. marcus_a_j

    Hullmark Centre

    Live Camera:
  3. marcus_a_j

    Downtown Markham: 170 & 180 Enterprise (Remington Group, multiple buildings)

    One of the next phases of Downtown Markham perhaps? Site Plan Application Staff Report: Some site plans and massing...
  4. marcus_a_j

    City of Lights: Public artwork illuminates Toronto

    Very interesting summary of the many public art pieces from various developments involving lights. (Click on the link to see the "wow factor", a rating out of 4-stars, as they didn't copy and paste into this text) source...
  5. marcus_a_j

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Alþingishúsið (Icelandic parliament) City Hall Hallgrímskirkja (Lutheran Church) Speed humps were everywhere...
  6. marcus_a_j

    Kartelle Lofts on Queen (at Pape, Kartelle, 4s, ?) (was Film Studio Lofts) COMPLETE

    I couldn't find a thread for this project, nor did a google search turn up anything. At the SE corner of Queen East and Pape there is an abandoned construction site. As the google map shows the site was excavated and construction began. Concrete was poured on the bottom level as well as one or...
  7. marcus_a_j

    Next Toronto Sports Team to Win a Championship?

    Which professional Toronto sports team will be the next team to have a parade down Yonge Street after winning the championship for their respective league? Argos: 15 Grey Cups, last in 2004. Missed 2009 playoffs and were pretty lousy all season. Blue Jays: 2 World Series wins, last in...
  8. marcus_a_j

    B.C.'s billboard pokes fun at Toronto

    Sorry if this was posted elsewhere. Source I think it's kinda funny, although having the Vancouver Olympics logo on it raises my eyebrow a bit. As the article says, nothing unites Canadians more than slagging Toronto, but maybe not at this time leading up to the Olympics being held here...
  9. marcus_a_j


    The time on UT is an hour behind.
  10. marcus_a_j

    Unique Houses

    Some people may know of these, and there are probably a lot of others that would fit into this category. Some of them are, interesting, to say the least. Unique House III from MSN Real Estate
  11. marcus_a_j

    Toronto | 12° / 12 Degrees Condos | 36m | 11s | BSäR Group | Core Architects

    I don't know if there's another thread. I searched but couldn't find one. From Adam Vaughan's March 2009 Newsletter
  12. marcus_a_j

    Toronto | CityPlace Puente de Luz Bridge | ?m | ?s | Concord Adex | Francisco Gazitua

    From Adam Vaughan's Ward 20 newsletter
  13. marcus_a_j

    Toronto | 327 Royal York Road | 146.4m | 44s | VANDYK | SvN

    No staff report, but development info can be found here. From NRU TRANSIT HUB INTENSITY Mimico station highrise GO Transit is negotiating a partnership with Terrasan Corporation to integrate the latter’s Royal York Road condo development into the adjacent Mimico GO Station. The...
  14. marcus_a_j

    Development Index

    The links in the Development Index section appear to be all wrong, or at least the few I tried. For example, when I clicked on 'Quantum (Minto Midtown) it took me to the Bohemian Embassy thread, and RBC Centre took me to a St. Lawrence Performing Arts thread
  15. marcus_a_j

    Gooderham Building (Flatiron) renovation?

    I noticed today that the Flatiron building had scaffolding up around it. I don't know how long it's been up since I haven't been in that part of town for some time so it might not be new news to some. I figure it's for some renovation or restoration. What struck me as odd was that the mural on...
  16. marcus_a_j

    Majestic Court (Markham Ctr, Times Group, 16 + 14s, Kirkor)

    Feb. 4, 2008 Majestic Court from South Town Centre Blvd and 7
  17. marcus_a_j

    Scarborough update

    Brief update of Scarborough projects (and Legacy, close enough). After the Etobicoke and North York updates, here is a bit Scarborough March 29, 2001 Centro EQ's Looking southeast from Albert Campbell Square EQ1 EQ2 Southside of EQ1 where Red at Equinox will be located...
  18. marcus_a_j

    Markham Place (Markham & Sheppard, VHL Dev, 2x 16s) COMPLETE

    Two 16-storey condo towers, townhouses, and ~4 storey commercial/retail along Markham Rd. Location. March 28, 2008
  19. marcus_a_j

    EQ1, EQ2, Encore at Equinox (SCC, Monarch, 35 + 30s, G+C)

    I didn't see a thread for these, but mods feel free to move them if a thread exists. The first two Equinox towers at Scarborough City Centre have been built. Here are the next 3 phases EQ1 EQ2 Red at Equinox March 29, 2008 Looking northwest. EQ1 (right) and EQ2 (left)...