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  1. Therion


    I didn't find a thread using the search, thought I'd start one. Anyone else live here? My wife and I just moved here a couple of days ago. Liking the place so far. Interesting pattern on the buses: in the morning, well dressed people and students take the buses to the subway. At the...
  2. Therion

    Zoning laws in T.O.

    Is it possible to run a service-oriented small business (where people would come to your house) out of property that's zoned Residential (not mixed)? The obvious answer is no, but I'm just wondering if there's special permits or exceptions that apply. It is really hard to find info on this.
  3. Therion

    The State of Toronto's Finances, 2009 by Scotia Capital I don't know if this has been posted before; I wouldn't be surprised if it has. In that case, mods, feel free to delete the thread. It's an interesting overview by Mary Webb of Scotia Capital of the City of Toronto's finances for...
  4. Therion

    Eglinton and Dufferin: pros and cons

    We're looking to buy a house in the Eglington/Dufferin/St. Clair/Bathurst quadrangle. It looks like our price range restricts us mostly to the north-west corner, ie. Eglington and Dufferin. We'd be about 3-4 blocks east of Duffering 2-3 blocks south of Eglington. Anyone has any experience in...
  5. Therion

    Affordability ratio

    Can anyone explain how the "affordability ratio" is calculated? I know it is the average housing price divided by average income, but is it gross or net income? What is the average value, long-term, supposed to be?