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  1. Streety McCarface

    Canadian Highway Fantasy Thread

    All in favour for a dedicated Canadian Freeway Expansion Thread say I.
  2. gweed123

    Ottawa's LeBreton Flats Redevelopment

    The NCC will be revealing the list of contenders who will be bidding to redevelop the site later on today. It was already confirmed by Senators Sports and Entertainment that they were one of the groups who submitted a bid, but it will be interesting to see if they were one of the groups carried...
  3. gweed123

    Montreal: New Baseball Stadium

    With the Jays playing a pre-season game in Montreal next year, there's been a lot more attention paid to one day returning baseball to Montreal. One of the biggest pre-conditions to an MLB return is a new stadium, since the Big O was, and would still be, the worst stadium in the MLB. So I...
  4. gweed123

    Metrolinx & the Future of GTA Transit

    It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a pretty substantial year for Metrolinx and for transit in the GTA. Several Liberal leadership candidates have brought up merging the TTC and Metrolinx, to varying degrees. The tide of public opinion is slowly but surely swinging towards a more centralized...
  5. gweed123

    Public Car Insurance

    In 2011, Ontario's auto insurance industry made $3.5 billion in profit (not revenue, profit). This is $3.5 billion of our money that is going to line the pockets of insurance companies, with the public seeing no benefit from it. A possible tool for revenue generation would be to create a...
  6. gweed123

    Should the "Metro" Concept be Revived for the GTHA?

    I'm sure many of you on here are familiar with the former Metro Toronto. One of the main rationales behind its creation was the understanding that there were certain issues (transportation & transit, regional planning, etc) that extended beyond the borders of the existing municipalities, and...
  7. gweed123

    Master UT Database for Transit Projects?

    An idea for everyone on here: Would it be possible to create a master database for different transit projects, detailing things such as: -Project Cost -Current Project Status -Estimated Completion Date -Total length (KMs) -Any additional info I think this would be good for two reasons: 1) It...
  8. gweed123

    SRT Shutdown: How do we deal with it?

    So there has been a lot of talk about how to upgrade the SRT, but there has been very little talk about what to do during the 4 years that the SRT is going to be shut down. I put some thought into it, and I came up with a low-cost way to keep the replacement buses actually moving while...
  9. gweed123

    Poll: What Should The New Eglinton/Scarborough LRT/Metro Be Called?

    In light of the recent announcement to create a continuous line from Jane to Scarborough Town Centre (or even passed there, it's unclear if the SLRT extension is part of this proposal as well), I think it's time for a naming poll. EDIT: I have made the poll so that you can select multiple...
  10. gweed123

    Article: The Tea Party Targets... Sustainable Development? They may be a minority, but there is one constant in the planning world: the minorities scream the loudest. As a professional planner, but first and foremost as a citizen and a human being, these people...
  11. gweed123

    Move Toronto: The SOS Plan

    The SOS Coalition is about to complete its updated version of our Move Toronto plan. We want to get your opinion on the plan in general, and in specific the changes that were made from previous versions. I hope the discussion will stay civil, and on-topic.