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  1. Surrealplaces

    Riverpark | 18m | 6s | M2SC | Casola Koppe

    Chinatown proposal for this location. 52 units with 2 CRUs.
  2. Surrealplaces

    Lotus Condo | 58m | 18s | Knightsbridge

    More of a placeholder for discussion. No DP submitted yet, but a rendering of the proposal. 195 units in total, so some good density coming with it. Reminds me one of Knightbridge's other projects, N3. I don't mind the Asian accents on this, it doesn't look too fake or tacky, but rather more of...
  3. Surrealplaces

    Affinity | 28m | 8s | Genco | Max Tayefi

    8 story condo development slated for the empty plot of land just south of the bottom of Nose Hill Drive.
  4. Surrealplaces

    Codetta | 13.41m | 4s | Eagle Crest | FAAS Architecture

    Word is, this may be starting soon.
  5. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | 211 25th Ave | 33m | 6s | Manu Chung

    Thread for new proposal at 25th Ave.
  6. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Riley Park Village | 30m | 8s | Northwest Healthcare | Gibbs Gage

    Thread for Riley Park Village
  7. Surrealplaces

    Calgary pops the top on alcohol in parks pilot project
  8. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Credo Apartments | 18m | 5s | Zeidler

    This for this project now that it's under construction.
  9. Surrealplaces

    JEMM 16th Ave | 100m | 30s | Jemm Properties

    Placeholder thread for this project. The title shows as 30 storey and 100m, but could be less. That's the max height they are looking for.
  10. Surrealplaces

    Calgary's sprawl problem

    Seeing as we are getting closer to election time, this might be a good topic of discussion. I recently received this e-mail for a petition entitled 'Let's Stop The Sprawl' If you want to...
  11. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Mosaic Village | 16m | 4s | RNDSQR | FAAS Architecture
  12. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Bowness 58 | 14m | 5s | Eagle Crest

    Thread for the Bowness 58 Proposal. 52 units.
  13. Surrealplaces

    Hillhurst Boutique | 20m | 5s | Eagle Crest |

    Thread for the Hillhurst Boutique proposal. We could use a thousand of these types of projects.
  14. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | Calgary Japanese Community Centre | 11m | 3s | CJCA | MoDA

    The Calgary Japanese Community Association currently resides in two adjacent buildings: an aging four-plex from the 1970s, and a mid-century community centre that has undergone many ad hoc renovations. To optimize the use of its property and reverse its declining membership, the Association’s...
  15. Surrealplaces

    Arts Commons | ?m | ?s | CMLC |

    Might as well start thread for this as it's progressing along. From the article. Phase 1 of the project will involve building a...
  16. Surrealplaces

    Calgary | 120 - 17th Ave NW | 20m | 6s | MoDA
  17. Surrealplaces

    Closure of traffic on Crescent Road

    It's quite likely it'll be extended another 6 months, and possibly permanently. Thoughts? Personally, I'd be fine with it closed permanently, but I'm sure there are other thoughts and opinions on this...