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    PSF prices of resale condos?

    I have often seen 400 to 450 psf as a range. But was quite surprised to learn that there have been resales at Thornwood in Rosedale in the 630-660 psf range. (Smaller units). I am sure the larger units fetch a lower psf price. I guess the premium is due to location. There were a...
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    Developers should not be allowed to call a windowless room a Bedroom!!

    Not long ago, we were told by RE pros, that a windowless room could be a study, den or have some such name OTHER than a bedroom. Then we heard that IF a windowless room had a glazed opening - either fixed or operable (like a glass door), then it could be called a bedroom! Many new condos have...
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    Survey of 2bd/ 2bath/ preconstruction prices in toronto december 2009

    I have started a spreadsheet to compare two bedroom/ two bathroom pre-construction prices. Granted, it is difficult to control the criteria for a truly meaningful, scientific comparison, but this is intended more as a snapshot of what prices are in various locations accross the city. So these...
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    O Keefe Opening Pic

    There was a headline banner photo posted earlier this week of the O' Keefe opening in 1960. Any idea where we can see more like this - of the 50s and 60, 70s Toronto landmarks....especially events like this - the unveiling of modern structures???
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    Madison Avenue Lofts Condos (Burnac Group) - Real Estate -

    Searched for a thread on this project. Found nothing. Building was registered very recently, resales have started. Any feedback on the project? Great location.
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    Number of new Condo Unit completions expected?

    I have heard varying numbers from 10 000 to 35 000 new units. Does anyone have a credible source to determine this number, with a breakdown by zone: Core, North York, Lakeshore etc.
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    Glass Box Condo Typology

    I'm trying to remember the watershed project...was it perhaps 18 Yorkville. But since then we see more and more glass boxes rising. And granted, not all glass boxes are the same...But certainly we are venturing into an era of sameness. And what about the long term maintenance cost issues...
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    Opinions on the Quality of Built Product - A review of Developers' work.

    I admit its not an easy topic to narrow. My question is not about evaluating the architectural design of any particular project, but rather about evaluating the final built product as a user/ visitor/ UD critic...- Quality of the Interior Finishes (Common Areas and units) Quality of the...
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    Capital Towers Condos (Daniels Corporation) - Real Estate -

    I have not been able to find a thread on this project. Been working the numbers on several investment options across the GTA: Core, Lakeshore, North, West. Mississauga numbers (surprise!) are looking the best out of all, and I think this project, though no architectural feat by any...
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    Bay Charles Towers Garage work

    Can someone post some pics of the infill development going on at this corner, at the Bay-Charles rental towers. Will be good to see that odd open space filled in.
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    Mississauga Square One Condos

    I was wondering what the agents/ realtors/ brokers and investors were thinking about the Mississauga scene. Prices seem pretty stable, contrary to what I previously imagined. Personally , I am enthused by the conceptual new master plan, and I am beginning to think condos in Missy might be...
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    Are we ready to declare the grand era of condo building over?

    Downtown Condo Boom Over? Yes, there are signs of life in economy. We are about to land at the bottom, or perhaps have already arrived. The pent up demand from a dreary winter, coupled with historically low interest rates have caused an unexpected blip in real estate resales. But my gut...
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    The ever-morphing steetscape in Toronto. Exciting times!

    I have been out of town since early february, and come back to visible signs of progress as projects press on to completion and occupancy. X is ten floors into the air, so we see its mass unfolding, changing the feel and tone of Jarvis and Charles. One Bedford is five or six floors up, already...
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    Annex Condo For Rent - Mosaic

    $1580.00/ Superb Annex Location. All the upgrades! South exposure! PM me for details!
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    Urban Design Concepts for the Entertainment District

    A member posted an excerpt from a master planning for this district in another thread. What is the background of this proposal? Did the city commission the plan, or perhaps the BIA? As you can see from the presentation, these...
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    Agents, Brokers and others on the inside: Give us some facts!

    I had the most depressing chat with my former broker today. He did not paint a rosy picture of the months ahead. He is advising sellers to hold , unless in distress, and sees another major "Structural" adjustment downwards, before things start levelling off. He also quoted some dismal sales...
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    New Project Financing

    So far , in my opinion, its all speculation and anecdotal evidence. But some form of a correction is inevitable. See Tony Wong's article. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Condo projects in jeopardy Experts say it's matter of time until...
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    Spire Condos (Context Development) - Real Estate -

    I have always been intrigued by this project, but did not have the $$ at the time to purchase a unit. I have not been able to find a post in this section on The Spire. I am tracking the resale market in this building, and was wondering if any forum members have first hand information... I...
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    Bay St the new Wall St.

    If Canadian financial institutions position themselves properly in the coming weeks and months we will see a massive transfer of power to Bay Street. This can only be beneficial to our city. This is our chance to catapult ourselves from a second tier north american city to a truly top tier...
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    These are Exciting Times

    Guys, regardless of our opinions on individual projects, let's all take stock for a moment and acknowlege that these are exciting times for us as observers and participants in the toronto condo market. What we are witnessing is the city evolving before our eyes, car parks that left awful...