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  1. Allandale25

    Bloor Street Integrated Project (City of Mississauga)

    Thought this might be of interest.
  2. Allandale25

    Mid Humber Gap Trail Study (City of Toronto)

    Meeting coming up on this tomorrow. I don't think there's a thread for this. Option 1A looks good to me but I haven't reviewed it in detail.
  3. Allandale25

    Yellow Creek Geomorphic Systems Master Plan (City of Toronto)

    From Councillor Layton's email newsletter.
  4. Allandale25

    West Don River in E.T. Seton Park Major Maintenance Project (TRCA) Event coming up: TRCA will host an online Public Information Centre (PIC) meeting on Thursday, February 25 at 6:00 PM.
  5. Allandale25

    Don Mills Crossing Trail Bridge (City of Toronto)

    I don't think there's a thread for this specific project so I've started one. Rendering: Location:
  6. Allandale25

    Bramalea Road EA (City of Brampton) From a Councillor's post on the topic: "In 2015, the @CityBrampton completed a Transportation Master Plan Update that recommended the widening of Bramalea Road from 4 lanes to 6 lanes. The...
  7. Allandale25

    Broadview Extension Environmental Assessment (City of Toronto)

    I didn't see a thread already for this. Recieved via email today.
  8. Allandale25

    Guelph Junction Railway

    Since there are already threads for the Orangeville Brampton Railway and the Barrie Collingwood Railway, I thought I would create one for the Guelph Junction Railway because this is a really interesting article. It does mention that maybe some of the rail lines in Guelph could also be used for...
  9. Allandale25

    Regent Park: Phases 4 & 5 General

    Latest from the Star:
  10. Allandale25

    East Don Trail Project

    Not sure if there's a thread already for this project (searched and couldn't find one). Construction is underway: Details here: EA here...
  11. Allandale25

    Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Transit Project Assessment Processes (TPAPs)

    There was some discussion in the Brampton: Queen Street RT thread on the value of public consultations and studies for transit projects/technology choices. Rather than respond in that thread, I thought it might be helpful to create a new one specifically on EAs and TPAPs. This topic could also...