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  1. Calgcouver

    West District Cineplex

    New render of the Cineplex movie theatre that is planned to be built in West District. Looks pretty good to me what do you think?
  2. Calgcouver

    Inglewood & Warehouse District - Architectural Design Guidelines

    Been having conversations lately as places like Avli recently finished and the RNDSQR Block proposal have come to Inglewood, and the conversations have stemmed around what kind a place and street we are trying to create out of 9th Avenue. This could also translate over to how to redevelop the...
  3. Calgcouver

    East Victoria Park - Ideas

    Wanted to discuss thoughts in East Victoria Park and I think this may be a case where CMLC should actively be looking for lower densities (ie. no more high-rises, only low and mid-rise). Was looking at a few sites in East Victoria Park and was considering what would be reasonable for...