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  1. jozl

    East Bayfront and Queens Quay East

    The south side of Queens Quay East of Yonge is finally getting developed. The improved pedestrian walkway along the lake, south of the newly completed buildings, is a beautiful and much needed improvement to the city’s public realm. Unfortunately, the areas just north of the new buildings (eg...
  2. jozl

    Safe and efficient streets

    There has been a lot of press lately about the high number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths on Toronto's streets. At the same time the din form car drivers complaining about the sorry state of vehicular traffic flow has gotten louder. We have two, seemingly, conflicting forces at play. I'm in my...
  3. jozl

    Roads: Gardiner Expressway catch-all, incl. Hybrid Design (2015-onwards)

    Like many people, I was very disappointed that city council voted against removing the eastern end of the Gardiner Expressway and, instead, voted to rebuild it. It is referred to as the "Hybrid" version. Trouble is, no one really knows what that means. Will the new structure be another concrete...
  4. jozl

    Toronto | Lower Simcoe Ramp | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto

    The York Street ramp off of the Gardiner is slated to be removed and reconfigured to align with the recently approved Hybrid version of the eastern section of the Gardiner. I wish the York Street ramp could stay after traffic has been rerouted to the new ramp. The old ramp could be converted for...
  5. jozl

    The Beer Store: Political Reasons to Keep/Kill It

    The Beer Store (foreign owned monopoly) has got to go. It's ridiculous that we allow foreign owned brewers to fix prices and control access. The Beer Stores are hideously ugly, and inconvenient. For the life of me I don't understand why Ontarians cannot purchase beer in super markets the way...
  6. jozl

    Beautiful with age

    I think I read somewhere that these trash receptacles cost $5,000 each. The photo below is from my neighborhood. The pedal at the bottom has been broken for about a year. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, when I see this kind of ridiculous attempt by our fair city I wonder if we...
  7. jozl

    Musings on Alternatives to Mass Transit Systems

    I often wonder if we need a new way to conceptualize how we deal with mass transit. The catalyst that always gets me thinking that there must be a better way than the "Better Way" is Toronto's woeful taxi cab system. It's way too expensive, which is bad for the general public, pays lousy wages...
  8. jozl

    The decay of downtown Queen Street East

    Downtown Queen Street East, between Church and Parliament Streets, has long been a decaying dead zone. There is no development taking place there now and nothing new planned. It's always seemed odd to me that this huge parcel of land, right downtown, sits idle while the rest of the city is...
  9. jozl

    Is Andy Byford, the new TTC GM, the leader we've been waiting for?

    I've recently read a couple of encouraging articles in the local media about Andy Byford's management style. One article stated that he would no longer tolerate hand written, sloppy signage posted on TTC property. He was referring to all of the makeshift signs that TTC staff sticks up...
  10. jozl

    Any low rise development on our main streets?

    I was speaking to a friend of mine who is marginally involved in a proposed small west end development. He told me that a developer had mentioned to him that the bureaucracy-permits, approvals, licenses, fees, etc.-required to build a four to six story building are the same as a twenty or thirty...