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  1. smuncky

    New York City 2009 - Day 2

    on the second day, i went to brooklyn. more specificly, brighton beach and coney island. i don't think i could've asked for a better day. sun was out while a slight breeze came from the water to cool everyone off on the boardwalk. went back to manhattan to the crazy packed chinatown. had a...
  2. smuncky

    New York City 2009 - Day 1

    took another trip down to NYC this past october during our thanksgiving long weekend. took megabus again which was a great ride down as usual. the main reason for going was to visit a couple of doors open sites that weekend, but unfortuently, the spots fill up quickly and i didn't get a...
  3. smuncky

    Cne 2009

    i dont know why but i never got around to posting these up. this was actually my first time going to the CNE and i definitely enjoyed taking these photos...
  4. smuncky

    East Coast - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec

    I went on a week long trip to the east coast about a month ago. Didn't have a chance to visit some places like Halifax and PEI, but the weather was quite cooperative during the days we were on Cape Breton and Hopewell Rocks. Anyway, here are the pics. Enjoy! Looking out into the St...
  5. smuncky

    Our Streets - Queen Street East

    continuing north, i decided i'd split up queen in 2 photo sessions as it's quite long and i thought i'd be more interesting to see each side on its own and then compare. anyway, here's the first part. enjoy.
  6. smuncky

    Our Streets - King Street

    so i started doing these again. hopefully i'll have a couple more done in the next few weeks. enjoy!
  7. smuncky

    LuminaTO 2009

    again a bit late with these but here they are. enjoy! FULL SET
  8. smuncky

    Doors Open 2009

    Better late than never I guess. Enjoy! Wychwood Barns Greenwood Yards Eglinton Bus Garage Canon Theatre...
  9. smuncky


    For those who have never seen this space before, definitely try to check it out during Doors Open. Enjoy! FULL SET
  10. smuncky

    Roy Thompson Hall

    I had a chance to visit one of the architectural landmarks in Toronto, RTH. Got a nice tour of the building without anyone being in the way and to see it empty. Enjoy! FULL SET
  11. smuncky

    Doors Open 2009 - May 23 & 24

    175 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and/or social significance open their doors to the public. See the Buildings to visit page for our 10th Anniversary bigger and better 2009 roster! Admission is free.
  12. smuncky

    588 TTC workers on big-bucks list

    588 TTC workers on big-bucks list 200 more employees join workers paid $100,000 or better Apr 01, 2009 04:30 AM Tess Kalinowski TRANSPORTATION REPORTER Among TTC workers, membership in the province's so-called $100,000 Club jumped by 200 people in 2008. Transit officials say that...
  13. smuncky

    New York City

    Thought I'd take a trip to NYC during reading week. So I booked a cheap trip on Megabus and had a great experience. Unfortuently, the first day there wasn't cooperating weather wise so there aren't many pics from that day expect from the ferry. However, the second day was beautiful and...
  14. smuncky

    Wintercity 2009

    Never went to this festival before but heard some good stuff about the performances that were being held at NPS and thought I'd go down to check it out. I'm really glad I went since the performances by Close-Act were very interesting and well done. Both shows were really creative and managed...
  15. smuncky

    Leslie St. Spit / Tommy Thompson Park - Winter

    Like I mentioned in my previous thread, I went down again this past weekend to see the changes in the landscape. Enjoy.
  16. smuncky

    Gwanggyo City Centre - MVRDV

    Rotterdam-based architects MVRDV recently won the Gwanggyo City Centre Competition with their design of this incredible new city just south of Seoul, South Korea. Envisioned as a verdant acropolis of organic ‘hill’ structures, the proposed complex is a fully self-sufficient city for up to...
  17. smuncky

    New York Tower - Daniel Libeskind

    Daniel Libeskind recently unveiled a soaring green skyscraper for New York that is constructed of mostly glass and stands to be the city’s tallest residential structure at 900 feet. Dubbed the New York Tower at One Madison Avenue, the 54-story apartment building features a series of ‘sky...
  18. smuncky

    Sky Village - Copenhagen, Denmark - MVRDV and ADEPT

    MVRDV and ADEPT win Copenhagen high-rise competition with design ‘Sky Village’ The municipality of Rødovre, an independent municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark, announced today MVRDV and co-architect ADEPT winner of the design competition of the Rødovre Skyscraper. The 116 meter tall tower...
  19. smuncky

    Buffalo Doors Open

    Having seen the photos posted on here of Buffalo, I decided to check it out for myself. Took the megabus there and back which was a quick, comfy and cheap ride. It was a bit funny at customs, trying to explain why I was going to Buffalo and what this Doors Open event was as none of the...