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  1. SP!RE

    Maps before New City Hall?

    Hi guys, For a project I am working on right now I was wondering if anyone knows how/where I could find some old maps of the area around New City Hall, before it was constructed; preferably if it can be found online. I have never used Toronto's archives online, but perhaps someone here has...
  2. SP!RE


    I'm creating this thread to post photos I take around the city for my Instagram account, which I generally use as a place to document architectural features or streetscapes that I find interesting or want to keep in the back of my mind for my own designs. I'm by no means a skilled photographer...
  3. SP!RE

    iPhone/Mobile - no ability to post pictures?

    Hi there, I recently got an iPhone and now I find it would be very ideal to be able to post regular updates directly from my phone. Is there no ability to directly post from the mobile version of UT? Thanks, -SP!RE
  4. SP!RE

    Database error

    Just a heads-up, The last day or two, whenever check UT, I often cannot access the forums but instead a "Database error" (I think that's what it said) pops up. If I refresh a few times or try again later, it sometimes loads the page.
  5. SP!RE

    _ah designs

    This is my new thread to showcase my work (both personal and from architecture school). I'll update it from time to time, and when I get the chance I'll give an explanation of each project or design. I am always open to critique (it's a great way to learn), though I admit I go through a long...
  6. SP!RE

    Toronto in ruins

    Just found this interesting piece!
  7. SP!RE

    New LRT Q&A Thread

    Okay... I have looked through thread after thread, read article after article, and done as much research as I can stand to do and I'm still confused about the new LRT. I am wondering if someone can lay out for me the following information in an organized manner: 1) What are the differences...
  8. SP!RE

    Income Polarization in Toronto - The Three Cities study

    One would have to be crazy to deny that Canada's gap between rich and poor is getting bigger and bigger, and some would argue, that some social services are on the decline. The following study is a useful tool for helping us recognize potential (and likely) change in Toronto, so that we can...
  9. SP!RE

    Poster mounting downtown?

    I have a small music tour poster that I'd like to get mounted to put up in my apartment. 1) Is all poster mounting made equal? Because I want this job to last, not start to fall apart or anything like that. 2) Where is a good place downtown that I could have this done? I know there are...
  10. SP!RE

    Encouraging positive, productive, and civil discussion on UrbanToronto

    I think we've all been frustrated in the past months with occasional grumpy, vindictive and pretentious posts on these forums. UrbanToronto is such a great place and I really hope to see it continue as a place that is full of interesting, civil discussion and exchanging of ideas, and NOT a...
  11. SP!RE

    aharv Designs

    Transferring into an architecture program in the fall will warrant me beginning to teach myself CAD and Revit, but for now, until I am more comfortable with those programs, I'm just doing sketches of the designs in SketchUp. (I know, I know...). I do, however, have great respect for SketchUp as...
  12. SP!RE

    Urban Database photos

    Two issues: 1) Ads often end up in front of the enlarged photos when you click on them and view them as a slideshow. 2) The way the images pop up when enlarged doesn't allow them to be saved. Can this be changed? I'd love to have the odd copy of a photo for some of my favourite projects...
  13. SP!RE

    Where are all the Toronto developments' community meeting notices posted?

    Is there a page that lists the upcoming community meetings for different proposed developments? I'm interested in attending more like the one tonight for 501 Yonge Street, but I only find out about them casually through people mentioning them in threads here.
  14. SP!RE

    Early CityPlace/Optima pics.?

    Are there any old UrbanToronto photos (or updates from skyscrapercity) of the OPTIMA condo being constructed at CityPlace? Or any of the other earlier towers? I'd be really interested to see updates from back then, especially from ground level or in the later part of construction. Thanks!
  15. SP!RE

    Condo market information for walking tour

    Hey guys, I'm currently rewriting the free Downtown Yonge BIA walking tours offered from Yonge and Dundas for this summer. I wanted to make some comments about our condo market. Can anyone give me some interesting facts? i.e. Are we ahead of NYC for number of condos or numbers sold...
  16. SP!RE

    1+den 32nd floor @ The MET (25 Carlton) - S/W Exposure!

    Looking to sell 1+den unit on the 32nd floor of Encore @ The MET (25 Carlton Street). Beautiful unit with dark-stained wood finish, hardwood, 10' ceilings and southwest exposure looking at the Financial District, CN Tower, the islands and harbour, and west to Oakville. $399,999 Only had two...
  17. SP!RE

    55 Charles St W Renovations (Azuria)

    Hey guys, I was walking north up Bay yesterday, and on the south-east corner of the Bay Charles condo tower, at the corner of Bay and St. Mary St, to be specific, there was a new piece of glazing. Not anything to cover up the brick, I just mean it was a replacement for the glazing over the...
  18. SP!RE

    Foggy October/November Nights - From the MET

    By me: (November) (October) Bonus shot:
  19. SP!RE

    Light feature in lobby of 250 Yonge

    Does anyone have any pictures (or any other info. such as its name and creator) of the light feature / chandelier in the lobby of the 250 Yonge office tower @ Eaton Centre? It was just removed for the reno's but I love the design!
  20. SP!RE

    Good tailor?

    Hey, Does anyone know a good place they'd recommend for taking my pea-coat to have the buttons reinforced? I'm sure they pretty much all do the same job but I do want to make sure I'm giving business to a place that really earns it and won't butcher my coat lol. Thanks!