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  1. TransitBart

    Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris) Fire I am sick. I am sad. I am neither a Catholic, nor French. But no...
  2. TransitBart

    Toronto 311

    This caught my eye. Raccoons, huh? Mods - I looked for a 311 thread and could not find one. Merge this if it's a duplicate.
  3. TransitBart

    I miss the 1980’s

    Since there is a general discussion on the 90’s, I thought I’d contribute this. This is the Toronto Band ‘Parachute Club’ The video was shot in the Portuguese neighbourhoods around Augusta and Queen and on Wellington St. south of the (then) new Roy Thompson Hall. You won’t see this much open...
  4. TransitBart

    Toronto Infrastructure Mysteries - what is this?

    This thread is for those who have a question about something you have seen in the city. I suggest you take a picture of the building, structure or monument that you are curious about and post it here. Tell the forum where you took the picture and ask them your question. For example. I get to...