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    Mortgage rates

    Seeing that the closing date is drawing close for 500 Sherbourne, has anyone of you decide on type of mortgage & financial institution to go with? I'm so super confused by all the different types of mortgages available out there. I'm thinking variable rate is looking like a good deal but of...
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    Sample dog food Natural Defense

    We went to woofstock today & were handed 5 x 1kg bag of Natural Defense dog food. We plan to give away 3 of the bags. PM me if you want it. I prefer to meet up after 6pm near Sherbourne x Wellesley.
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    Mover recommendation

    Hi there, As we are getting "ready" to move into our new condo in May 2010 (fingers crossed) we are wondering if anyone has any recommendation. The move is literally across the street. We definitely thought of moving it ourselves but we couldn't get any "strong man" help to move the...
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    Which downtown restaurants are open on NY's Day

    Hey there, Anyone any idea / recommendation for New Year's Day dinner? Preferably between Bloor - Dundas (north - south) & Parliament - Yonge (East - West) Does anyone know of Stone Grill on Winchester x Parliament? Any idea if it'll be open on NYD? Thanks in advance.
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    500 Sherbourne Condos (Times Group Corporation) - Real Estate -

    hmmmm.... To buy or not to buy....