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  1. Towered

    2022 Russian-Ukrainian War

    Will Russia invade Ukraine? What do you guys think? I was disappointed to read that Germany refused so far to send any weapons to Ukraine.
  2. Towered

    BRT vs. LRT

    I thought @drum118 's excellent analysis deserved its own thread instead of getting buried in the Sheppard subway one: BRT vs LRT Over the years there have been great debates as to what is the best type of system between BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) or LRT (light Rail Transit) better known as...
  3. Towered

    Toronto | 4174 Dundas West | 54.06m | 15s | Dunpar Homes | Turner Fleischer

    It seems that the old office building at 4174 Dundas Street West just east of Prince Edward Drive is being demolished as of this morning. Bit of a shame since there aren’t many of these “floating” low rise office buildings from the 60’s around anymore. I did a google search of the address but...
  4. Towered

    Edward Street - no traffic lights?

    I've often wondered, why doesn't Edward Street between Yonge and University have any traffic lights? Seems like a no-brainer. Is there any plan to install any? There should be some at Bay, Elizabeth, and University.
  5. Towered

    Bloor and Prince Edward (?)

    There's a mysterious development site on the north-west corner of Bloor and Prince Edward. There was previously a gas station on site that was torn down about 2 years ago, and the site sat quietly as a brownfield since then, but recently new hoarding was erected, and yesterday a shoring rig was...
  6. Towered

    Dundas and Jane railway lands

    I didn't know where else to post this, but in recent weeks a large sliver of land south of the railway tracks at the north-west corner of Dundas and Jane appears to have been cleared. A large shed that had been there for decades has been demolished, and there are several dumpsters present...
  7. Towered

    Toronto 2031

    Let's peek into the future of transit in Toronto. By 2031, the following major transit projects will be fully operational or near completion: Eglinton Crosstown LRT GO RER (electrified) SmartTrack Finch West LRT Scarborough subway extension Eglinton West LRT Eglinton East LRT Relief Line...
  8. Towered

    Toronto: Then and Now?

    Where did that thread go? Thanks.
  9. Towered

    Great Gulf project in Etobicoke Centre?

    I was recently driving on Bloor west of Kipling when I noticed that Great Gulf has opened an office in the little retail strip on the north side, directly across from Six Points plaza. I don't know of any projects that they have in Etobicoke, so naturally this piqued my curiosity. Considering...
  10. Towered

    Richview Expressway lands

    Something definitely seems to be happening on the stretch of grass on the north side of Eglinton between Kipling and Martin Grove that has sat vacant since the Richview Expressway was cancelled in the early 70's. Yesterday I was driving by and two large red signs now stand next to the street...
  11. Towered

    Toronto | Minto Long Branch | ?m | 4s | Diamond Corp | Guthrie Muscovitch

    Very recently a large industrial facility at this address was demolished on Lakeshore just east of Brown's Line, on the north side. I found the application sign pictured below for what sounds like a substantial development, but I couldn't find a thread for it. It's a very large site - does...
  12. Towered

    Humber College Lakeshore Campus: Lakeshore Commons (4s, HOK)

    Today: Didn't even know about this new main building being constructed. Oh and the historic building at Kipling and Lakeshore houses Humber's fashion department. Hopefully at some point they'll restore the exterior.
  13. Towered

    Yorkdale Subway Station Easier Access (Arc En Ciel Reinstallation) Michael Hayden's wonderful light installation, Arc en ciel, which was completed in 1978 but subsequently dismantled in the mid 1990s, may once again grace the roof of Yorkdale Subway Station. I...
  14. Towered

    New report says urban land policies and rules making homes unaffordable. Mon Jan 25, 3:44 PM The Canadian Press By The Canadian Press A report says urban land use policies are making homes almost unaffordable in markets around the world...
  15. Towered

    Village Gate West Phase 3a & 3b (Bloor & Dunbloor, Concert, 20s & 24s, P+S/IBI Group)

    Excavation is well underway for the last two phases of Village Gate West in central Etobicoke.
  16. Towered

    Toronto | Palais at Port Royal Condos | ?m | 30s | Pemberton | Burka

    This is supposedly the final tower to be built on the former Michael Power high school lands in central Etobicoke as part of the massive Port Royal Place development. At 31 floors it'll be the third tallest building in the area.
  17. Towered

    Etobicoke - Humber Bay Shores

    Bishop Allen high school on Royal York north of the Queensway: Etobicoke School of the Arts. Yes, that's the track... Mimico Creek. Park Lawn and Berry Rd. The area is full of these 50's cubes which I personally can't stand. The Queensway...
  18. Towered

    Etobicoke development thread

    I was inspired by the recent North York thread to do one for the west end. Not particularly exciting, but that'll change in a few years! Enjoy. Royal York Grand, at the north east corner of Royal York and Eglinton: Render: Sales centre for the James Club, a 14 storey condo at Royal...
  19. Towered

    Kingswood (3391 Bloor St W @ Islington, Quadra Mgmt, 11s, Burka) COMPELTE

    A new mid-rise condo undergoing finishing touches at the southwest corner of Bloor and Islington, formerly a small parking lot. I think it's a flawed, but fairly decent example of avenue infill. The exterior should have been uniformly tan instead of adding that tacky deep orange on the ground...