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  1. ducati0000

    Terrible attempts at staging properties.

    Why do sellers even bother to "stage" their properties with old furniture or just recklessly just put the furniture anywhere without planning.They may as well leave the property empty at least it looks less messy and creates more space.
  2. ducati0000

    Yonge View townhouse condos. looking at these homes,anyone heard of this builder?
  3. ducati0000

    California Condo 1 Bedroom with parking.....$298,000

    California condo one bedroom with parking sold....
  4. ducati0000

    So many renters breaking their rental agreement and leaving early.

    I heard from a real estate friend that there is a huge spike in renters leaving before their rental agreement is completed,has any condo landlords experience this themselves.
  5. ducati0000

    California condos...for short term lease.

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  6. ducati0000

    Parking at TipTop on the lakeshore.....

    I was wondering would anyone know how much it cost to rent a parking space at Tiptops lofts?...
  7. ducati0000

    Camrost Felcorp loft for sale..

  8. ducati0000

    iLofts condo for sale...Etobicoke...

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  9. ducati0000

    Skylofts at Mystic Point Condos (Camrost-Felcorp) - Real Estate -

    I was wondering does anyone have opinions regarding this 10 year old development.
  10. ducati0000

    Commerical mortages options...

    my commerical mortgage is almost up for renewal,I plan to pay it off in less than two years,should I go with a open variable or closed two years.Suggestions?
  11. ducati0000

    NorthWood Mortgages..anyone dealt with them???

    I got a complicated mortgage going since Im self employed.The big five banks are asking a arm and leg since I run my own business.Does anyone have any opinions regarding this company,they seem to be placing alot of ads on the top 5 radio stations in Toronto all the time.They specialize in self...
  12. ducati0000

    Anyone heard about delayed/cancelled condos in Toronto

    My buddy just got laid off at a Concord project,he mentioned a lot of project's forming is being stopped at ground level and the projects being "delayed" or projects being built is slowing down (cutting manpower).Anyone knows which project is going this direction?.The Mars condos cranes are...
  13. ducati0000

    Finally a change in the OMB

    ne 5, 2008 OPEN LETTER TO ALL WARD 20 RESIDENTS: OMB REFORM BEGINS NOW! A significant step was taken today, in the fight to reform, and in fact, eliminate part of the Ontario Municipal Board’s (OMB) functions. At the Planning and Growth Management Committee this morning, City...
  14. ducati0000


    Why doesnt the city punish those selling the paint cans to these individuals rather "fine" the property owners for not removing it.This goes for the people who plaster the notes of poles and private property,fine the company that is advertising with it instead of hiring city cleaners scraping it...