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  1. Kōsō

    Calgary I C&E Station I 21m I 5s I Quantum Place Developments

    Uh wait!? That says mixed use. Calgary? So confused!😲
  2. Kōsō

    Calgary | Elva | 18m | 5s | Wexford Developments | Zeidler BKDI

    It looks like Christo was in town, but impossible since he passed away in 2020.,_Wrapped
  3. Kōsō

    Calgary | The Block on 4th | 16.76m | 5s | Indevelopments | Indevelopments

    I love the contrasting yellow to the dark grey brick. Gives the building some punch.
  4. Kōsō

    Calgary | Catalyst | 22.86m | 6s | Centron | NORR

    It will be interesting to see where they place dark and light exterior materials. You can get a hint of placement by the location of black versus the white window frames.
  5. Kōsō

    Calgary I Inglewood Fire Hall I ?m I 12s I RNDSQR/City of Calgary I S2 Architecture

    I am sure that the Landstar development on that map is off the table as they are in the process of retrofitting the old trail building in to multiple retail bays.I should have taken a photo as I was down there today.
  6. Kōsō

    Bridgeland 515 | 20m | 6s | Kanas

    This is the project that had the runaway truck. Built on a very steep gradient.
  7. Kōsō

    General Construction Updates

    Streetside's project Konekt is well underway.
  8. Kōsō

    Konekt | 11m | 4s | Streetside

    Streetside's project Konekt is well underway.
  9. Kōsō

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    With all the supply chain issues in the building industry this year, most if not all costs have soared dramatically. The company I work for saw an overall increase of 54% in material costs this past year which we do pass along to the customer. With the increase being so dramatic and while still...
  10. Kōsō

    Calgary | Oliver | 121.3m | 35s | Centron | Gibbs Gage

    Are we getting some boring name like Oliver II or something completely different with the second tower?
  11. Kōsō

    General Construction Updates

    Seems a little too far South to have anything to do with the Green Line. But I have been known to be wrong.
  12. Kōsō

    General Construction Updates

    Not sure if this is related to Brad Lamb's "Orchard" site, but they have been doing soil sampling there all week (on 5th street as well as 11th Ave). If it is related, maybe Brad feels the market is more advantageous now??
  13. Kōsō

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    I wonder if either property owners were upset with the height of these three storeys. Here is what it looked like this past summer...,-114.0759784,3a,75y,185.61h,74.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQwpAL0NJ-GG1-2RyXCd2oA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  14. Kōsō

    Calgary | Era | 41.15m | 13s | Minto Group

    Curios why they rebuilt two table forms. You can see them on 1875's photo. They left them in place on the second floor. Maybe a different configuration past the second floor???
  15. Kōsō

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    The Jade If only they could have added one more colour and one or two more materials. :rolleyes:
  16. Kōsō

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Who is the missing partner in KPMB Founding partners, B. Kuwabara, M. McKenna and S. Blumberg. No mention of any partners with a last name starting with a P. Just curious thats all. ????
  17. Kōsō

    Edmonton | Southridge Apartments Redevelopment | 60m | 20s

    These buildings were just sold to "Avenue Living" and new leases were given to the residences.
  18. Kōsō

    Edmonton | Michener Park Redevelopment | ?m | ?s

    I was in this tower back in the eighties when it was still relatively new. I had a friend from elementary school (grade 4) living there with his parents. The thing I remember most was the floor to ceiling glass in the living room area, and the views. Coming from life in a bungalow, to hanging...
  19. Kōsō

    Crane Count

    Not an error but a question on the one in Aspen (15 Aspen Summit Drive SW). That one has been up for a very long time, and was wondering if this project is complete and the crane long gone?
  20. Kōsō

    Urban Development and Proposals Discussion

    Indigenous Elders Lodge in Calgarys Highland Park which is an affordable housing project. the site