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  1. ducati0000

    Toronto | The Bread Company | 67.8m | 20s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

    I like this location.PRIME rental space to students,doctors,etc,etc.Close to TTC ,Baldwin village,nightlive.
  2. ducati0000

    Terrible attempts at staging properties.

    Why do sellers even bother to "stage" their properties with old furniture or just recklessly just put the furniture anywhere without planning.They may as well leave the property empty at least it looks less messy and creates more space.
  3. ducati0000

    Battle of the Mattresses: Casper vs. ENDY

    I bought the Endy.At first it felt a bit soft but after a few months my body got adjusted to it and am very happy with the mattress.The edges could be a little more stiff but the centre and head and feet areas are great.Does not retain heat and the chemical smell goes away after a few days of...
  4. ducati0000

    North Of Brooklyn Pizza

    I hope the service gotten better,when we were there as a party of 6 the male waiter which seems to be the bartender was a rude towards my friends from Sicily.My female friend ask him a few questions in italian about certain ingredients and beer they carry and he told her that they only used the...
  5. ducati0000

    Ontario Should Tax Foreign Purchases of Real Estate

    I would welcome a 15% tax on foreign buyers,it help Vancouver cool off some of the bidding wars but prices have not come down though.Still hearing from agents that some new projects are being sold by floors to foreign buyers not by units.China on the verge of collapse by the recent growth...
  6. ducati0000

    Dragon Condos (Ideal Developments) - Real Estate -

    I personally do not like it,the Mall condos behind it offers better value for the money even though the maintenance fees are some what high.You have restaurant exhaust from across the street and the units are cookie cutter design.
  7. ducati0000


    Zara and Uniglo quality almost at par,H&M is pure trash.Issue is the sizing is moving towards american sizing which is huge.A american medium is basically a large in Canada for most American brands.For dress shirts and pants I have to go MTM.
  8. ducati0000

    Toronto | 707 Lofts | ?m | 5s | Enirox Group | TACT Architecture

    I heard property management might be upgrading the exterior lights to give it a more " lively" presence for the street,I'm guessing LED lighting to warm up the front and rear.
  9. ducati0000

    707 Lofts Condos (Enirox Group) - Real Estate -

    Just a update from a owner of one of these units.Been living here since first day of completion and am pretty much happy how the condo has evolved.No surprises,very efficient property management,great neighbours with the occasional bad apple (party animals),very quiet building.They completed the...
  10. ducati0000

    Upside Down + Fuse Condos (Channington/Brownstone, 14s x2, 26s x2, Burka)

    Wow if I knew a project wasn't covered by Tarion I would never even think about buying a unit there,too many variables for a private insurer.
  11. ducati0000

    Mr. Sub vs. Subway

    Mr Sub quality been pretty terrible since the late 90's,I remember in my area before there were 5 Mr Subs now there are zero,two Subway is now near and the owners are pretty friendly compare to Mr Sub of the past.
  12. ducati0000

    Yonge View townhouse condos. looking at these homes,anyone heard of this builder?
  13. ducati0000

    Emerald City Condos (ELAD Canada) - Real Estate -

    On a side note on bad taping jobs that got worst would the builder do anything about it if you put it on a Tarion report?.
  14. ducati0000

    M1 + M2 + Metropolis + Parkside Condos (Liberty Development) - Real Estate -

    thats a no no....the reason there is air circulation is for safety reason.
  15. ducati0000

    Treviso Condos Phase 3 with Ground Floor Retail is the final phase launching Oct 22

    I agree awful interiors.Looks like it belongs in a rental building than a condo showroom.Only reason builder offers incentives is slow sales.
  16. ducati0000

    Toronto | Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | IBI Group

    City Place looks fine to me its just the density of so many condos makes it looks a city within a city.Quality of the units is average of what I seen but the amenities are pretty above the rest in the city locations.Traffic is a nightmare getting in and out and watch out Friday and Saturday is...
  17. ducati0000

    Emerald City Condos (ELAD Canada) - Real Estate -

    so can mark in detail on the Tarion what is needed to be replaced unless its a safety issue expect them to do a half as* job.
  18. ducati0000

    11 Wellesley St W (Lanterra Developments) - Real Estate -

    Condo George in cities that has to go the small route the units every inch is thought out design with that in mind,so small kitchens,reversible cabinets,hidden tables,murphy beds,etc,etc,I know I been to Madrid,Nagoya and Hong kong where small condos are everywhere and its design for small...
  19. ducati0000

    Toronto | Canary Park Condominiums | 54.25m | 16s | DundeeKilmer | KPMB

    cheapest way to make a project more exciting is colour,we all know builders these days are only building cookie cutter units with the cheapest of materials to max its profits.My favourite it still the Absolute condos design but the units itself is cheap and the issues with plumbing,fit and...
  20. ducati0000

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    true but I heard the city is going to crack down on dangerous rooming houses in York village.Insurance companies don't like taking extra risk when a two bedroom house becomes living quarters for 10 students.Your correct though about the condos around the Wilson,Shep,Allen Road area I know a few...