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  1. bgarneau

    Inglewood Brewery Rail Lands | 65m | 20 | Matco | FAAS

    Yeah a good portion of this site isn't in floodplain at all. I live in a new building with bedroom window facing CPR tracks directly across the street. I will say that I don't love it, but it's not a deal breaker for us. Ear plugs FTW
  2. bgarneau

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    Awesome - best of luck and be sure to post lots of updates here too!
  3. bgarneau

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    Incredible news - you're doing God's work as far as I'm concerned, and the project is beautiful. Industry isn't adapting passive standards because of build cost, but build cost won't improve until someone advances that new frontier. Chicken and egg problem. Tesla solved this through high-cost...
  4. bgarneau

    Calgary | BLVD Beltline | 118.87m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Not many lights on during early evening - curious how leasing is going on this one
  5. bgarneau

    Calgary | Infill Development Discussion

    These projects are typically common ownership and rentals, so that shouldn't be an issue. "The proposed development is “predatory” and takes advantage of a desirable central location that would more suited to semi-detached housing." Predatory? How do they expect industry to take them...
  6. bgarneau

    Calgary | Harrison | 20m | 5s | Sarina Homes

    South facade looks tremendous - going to be a sharp building!
  7. bgarneau

    Calgary | The Fifth | 17m | 5s | Arlington Street | NORR

    IF they put the astronaut on the corner: project saved
  8. bgarneau

    Calgary | Riverwalk | 45.11m | 12s | Campion | S2 Architecture

    Well, depends on your age I guess
  9. bgarneau

    Calgary | Brio Bridgeland | 16m | 4s | Fortress Residential | Sharon Wang Architect

    That's because the BMP sign is still up...
  10. bgarneau

    Calgary | The Theodore | 35.66m | 10s | Graywood | IBI Group

    They're all low key lurking
  11. bgarneau

    Calgary | Scarboro 17 | 16m | 4s | Bow Developments

    Yeah it's a great system - walls up lightening fast. Unfortunately they don't supply the actual material (just assemble it offsite) - although, who would take that risk given lumber markets last year
  12. bgarneau

    Calgary | 1405 - 4th Street | 77m | 24s | GWL | IBI Group

    For a moment I thought we were losing I Love You Coffee Shop - kitty corner though
  13. bgarneau

    Calgary | 11th + 11th | 138m | 44s | Intergulf | Ramsay Worden

    Illuminated crown.... absolutely wonderful... if only their neighbors to the north held this true on their renderings!
  14. bgarneau

    656 Confluence Way SE | ?m | 8s | ? | MoDA

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! Incredible design No word on use / ownership?
  15. bgarneau

    EV606 | 16m | 4s | Alston Properties | ATLRG

    Absolutely love it - the brick pattern is unique and pursuing a light pallet is ambitious. There's enough ACM panel + old world brick in EV. Great to see something fresh and different. Good scale and articulation on the facade too. That huge corner cantilever will be tricky in real life...
  16. bgarneau

    Calgary | The Fifth | 17m | 5s | Arlington Street | NORR

    Completely agree - and from the looks of how this one started, they faced some serious issues early days so I'm just excited it's seeing the finish line
  17. bgarneau

    Calgary | The Fifth | 17m | 5s | Arlington Street | NORR

    Likewise on reserving judgement. Great project, messy exterior. horizontal grey plank, flat grey hardie panel with e-z trim, horizontal brown plank, vertical black plank black aluminum store front white or light grey frame punch windows my head is spinning
  18. bgarneau

    Calgary | First & Park | 75m | 18s | Graywood

    Laminate flooring is a feature? in Eau Claire?