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  1. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Brampton: Centre for Innovation/Ryerson University/U of Guelph-Humber (Diamond Schmitt)

    I searched for any news about this or a general Ryerson University thread and couldn't find either. So I'm creating a thread for the proposed Brampton campus for RU. Apologies if I missed one. Link below...
  2. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    PRESTO and Master Agreement Announcement - Nov 28, 2012

    Anyone know what this is about? If it's not really news feel free to merge with the appropriate thread.
  3. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Is the inclusion of gender and racial equity in transit planning appropriate?

    I think this article from the National Post is worth discussing. Mods, feel free to change the thread title or merge this thread with a preexisting one if you please. Though I think this whole issue deserves a thread of its own...
  4. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    McCallion calls on Ford to boost municipal co-operation

    Article from the Globe: Linky: I'm curious what Hazel means by "integrating" the Toronto and Mississauga transit systems?
  5. Coruscanti Cognoscente


    So happy to hear about Express coming here. It's my next favourite store after Simons. Soon I won't have to travel to the US or Montreal any more for my shopping!
  6. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    New Wind Mobile $40 Always Shout + Infinite Data Available Until Dec 26

    I didn't know where else to post this, so I'm posting it here. And no, I don't think this is spam. I think it's an amazing (unadvertised) deal. I'm not sure if we're allowed to post links to HoFo, but here it is if allowed...
  7. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Subway Extension to STC or Sheppard East LRT?

    Which would you choose? Just to be clear, the subway extension I'm referring to is replacing the SRT with a subway extension to STC along a new alignment, hitting Lawrence East and then Scarborough Centre. To the best of my knowledge, the option to replace the SRT with subway is $600 million...
  8. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Senate Reform

    In light of the unelected Senate putting to bed a recent environmental bill that was passed by the House of Commons, what is your view of the future of the Canadian Senate?
  9. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Legacy Streetcar Network Poll

    What do you think we should do with our legacy streetcar network? I chose option 4. A faster streetcar network would far outweigh the inconvenience to drivers who insist on driving downtown where we have the greatest amount of transit available as an alternative.
  10. Coruscanti Cognoscente


    Lately I've grown quite frustrated with people using the term "subway" as a synonym for "underground" rather than the more common and accepted "HRT". The worst offender in this regard is Metrolinx who went out of their way to claim that the Eglinton line is a "subway"'s just also an LRT...
  11. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Whose vision of transit in Toronto do you support?

    With all this talk of Steve Munro wanting to debate SOS, I figured it was time for a poll. It is almost important as a tool for the election and which vision politicians would work toward if they are elected.
  12. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    TTC: Customer Service

    Here's an article from the Star today: First of all, I'm against a name change. But the other points brought up by the article are on-point. The fare media is ancient, the customer service is terrible, and the arrogance of TTC commissioners and staff is embarrassing.
  13. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Insurance says my car is a write-off/total loss, what are my options?

    Last week I was in an accident (not at-fault) and today I was at work when State Farm called but in the voicemail they said it looked like my car would have to be declared a total loss. They did not say how much I would get. My car is (was?) a 2002 Acura RSX, with approximately 99,900 km on...
  14. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    The Unofficial 416/647 & 289/905 New Area Code Poll

    I'm not sure when 416/647 will be exhausting, but CNA estimates place 289/905 needing a new area code somewhere between 2014 and 2016. Using the CNA NPA Code Selection Tool at, it appears the frontrunning area codes for 289/905...
  15. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Subway To Mississauga: Routing

    In the past I have always assumed a westerly extension of the Bloor line would follow Dundas St. via Sherway, as has been on the books since the RTES. On SSC, rail expert TRZ has proposed the routing follow Bloor St. instead. He reasons that Dundas is too industrial in nature, and Bloor has...
  16. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Poll for Those Living West of Etobicoke Creek

    I'm curious to hear what people in Mississauga and Brampton think about the existing Peel Region arrangement. Peel Region's population is over one million yet it is still a two-tier municipal arrangement. Include Halton Region in your analysis and you have over a million and a half people living...
  17. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    Decreased Travel and Wait Times Key to Improving Public Transit

    Why the TTC should focus on travel times.
  18. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    The Hypocrisy of the International Community, Re: Russia

    Article: Don't see a thread on this so I'll start one. I find it extremely hypocritical of the United States to be critical of Russia in regards to Georgia's breakaway states. Why...
  19. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    North American union

    It's about time to EU-ize NAFTA already. Why is North America so backward anyway??
  20. Coruscanti Cognoscente

    DRL: Subway or LRT?

    In light of recent talk about the LRT, and Mr. Munroe already weighing in on this debate, I felt the need to put this issue to a vote (surprise, surprise). Update: While there have been no changes in the results from Poll #1 (68% in favour of replacing the SRT with a subway) and Poll #2 (86%...